Fun Game for Chihuahuas (or any other breed)

Lina CarringtonLina Carrington Posts: 1Member
edited 27 June, 2013 in Chihuahua
A fun game I like to play with my Sonic is called "Go Find It." It is a simple game that can be played indoors that is not only fun, but gives your Chi a good exercise. First put your dog in a separate room and close the door. Then, take a treat and hide it somewhere. Nowhere to hard, for example I usually place it by the leg of a couch. Then go back to your Chi open the door and say, "Go find it!" Now at first your dog will look confused. So help him/her out by gently pointing out where the treat is. Then repeat, placing the treat in the same spot again and again until he/she gets the hang out it. This usually does not take too long, especially since it involves a tasty snack. Then start putting the treat in a different spot and gently guide him/her to the new location. Repeat. As soon as they get the hang of it switch it up until you have 4-5 different hiding spots. Then you can start alternating between all the spots. It's wonderful seeing your Chi dash from spot to spot looking for the treat.
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