Should I call the vet or try bland with Jack?

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This morning, he had a case of the runs, in our bedroom bathroom. It wasn't a lot. He is panting at times. I checked his paw for a temp (seen the emergency vet do that with Flash) and it feels cool. I used the bathroom a few minutes ago, and Jack had some more runs, a little gas. When I came out of the bathroom, I found puke on the floor...which looked like some food and tissues...which Jack does get into to. I felt his stomach and it feels's doesn't feel expanded or anything. So we are just wondering, should we rush and call the vet or could it be just a little stomach bug, like we get...and treat it that way? We do have baby food on hand. He does bark when he hears the kids from downstairs and does stand on his back legs. When he went out this morning...he was jumping around and barking at other dogs, so we're thinking of just blanking him for today and see if he feels better tomorrow. I have heard that chicken and rice are good, but what about baby food, applesauce, things like that? Thanks.


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    I fast the dog for 12-24 hours with clear fluids only so would offer small amounts of unsalted broth every hour rather than baby food today. If he isn't able to hold down fluids or there is blood then to the vet pronto. Not familiar with the symptoms of a blockage, look into that if he has been getting into stuff he ought not to be eating. If you are sure the tissues caused the trouble then you could go ahead and give a small regular meal tomorrow if fluids stay down and there hasn't been any more diarrhea. If he feels good and you are pretty sure he will eat too fast then give it by hand a little at a time. If you would rather feed him bland food then half cooked chicken breast and half very mushy cooked white rice worked for my dogs. Some prefer to use oatmeal or white or sweet potato or lean hamburger. Your choice, over cooked grains and lean meat are the key. Baby food often contains onions, read the label carefully if you want to use it!
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    If he is still vomiting with the diarrhea, then I would take him to the vet. If it's just "controlled" diarrhea, then I would fast him for at least 12 hours. You can give him water, but no food. After the 12 hours, you can give him white rice with some boiled, skinless, boneless chicken breast with some of the broth mixed in, kind of like a thick soup. If he starts to getting lethargic and won't eat or drink, then taking him to the vet is a good idea. Also, if the diarrhea doesn't go away in a day or two, then take him to the vet. Good luck!
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    He seems to be doing better today. No runs yet. *fingers crossed*. I think I know what caused it. We had to get a different brand of dog food, since they were out of Fresh Select. We think that caused it. They go back and forth between that and Pedigree. He had a little Pedigree this morning with applesauce and has done well. He's happier today too and wanting my lunch as I type this. *kicks self*. It's strictly Fresh Select and Pedigree from now on. Have to remind my significant other about that as well. I didn't know that baby food had onions in it! Even the fruit ones? Oh my lord! Thank you for letting me k ow that. |:|
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    Glad your pup is feeing better. :)
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