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Chihuahua Won't Eat!

Cassandra WoodsCassandra Woods Posts: 1Member
edited 14 April, 2014 in Chihuahua
I have a teacup Chihuahua who is a little over a year old now, and his mouth is very tiny. He has outright refused to eat dog food, I have tried around 12-15 brands now all made for small dogs and he will not eat one piece of kibble from any of them. I've instead always fed him food that I would eat. He eats chicken, turkey, steak, pork and some bits of pasta now and then, pretty much anything I know he eats and know won't be harmful to him seeing as my dogs in the past have eaten it and been fine. But he's just so skinny, and I just don't know what to do anymore. I know there are things in his diet that a good dog food brand will give him that the food I feed him will not, but I cannot get him to eat. I've tried everything aside from shoving the food down his throat and forcing him to eat it. I can't even get him to eat anything unless he thinks he's "stealing" it, I have to pretend I'm going to take it from him in order for him to eat it. I've tried using this method to try and get him to eat dog food but even then he won't do it. I've taken him to the vet, and other than hinting at the fact I must be starving him they've done nothing to help me. I have not been starving him. There is literally a bowl of dog food in my bedroom where he sleeps at night and upstairs on the main floor where he is all day. It is full all of the time, the only time I need to fill it is when my cat will for some reason eat a bit of the dog food (I've seen her do it). He sometimes will go and eat some of my cats Fancy Feast cat food kibble because it's really small for him, but when I get small dog food he turns his nose up at it. I've tried getting him to eat wet dog food and he won't eat it. I'm getting very worried recently because I can feel a lot of the bones in his body, if he wasn't a longhair Chihuahua I shudder at the thought of what he might look like. Please, I love my dog and don't want to lose him. Is there anybody here who has a very small dog, or experienced problems like this? I just want him to eat food, every time I see a new brand of dog food I pick it up in hopes "maybe he'll eat this kind" but so far I've had no such luck. If you have any dog food recommendations I would be very grateful, so far these are the brands that I remember I've tried him on;; Cesar Dry & Wet food. Iams. Purina. Vitality. Eukanuba. Along with various sample packages I've gotten from pet stores that I can't remember the name of.


  • Jenny DeppaJenny Deppa Posts: 1Member
    edited 17 March, 2014
    Have you tried altering your little dog's feeding times? I feed my tiny dogs breakfast at 6:00 am and dinner at around 5:45 pm. If I'm home, they get a (reasonable size) snack for lunch or maybe late night. I found that when I leave a bowl of food around for them all the time, they're much less inclined to eat anything other than some of my dinner. My tiny yorkie is a little more finicky than the chihuahua but if she doesn't eat her breakfast (dry kibbles, Rachel Ray Nutrish is her favorite) I just don't feed her til dinner and she gobbles everything down and then some. I really like to keep them on the schedule and they seem to do very well. Good luck with your baby.
  • Tara PlanteTara Plante Posts: 7Member
    edited 14 April, 2014
    I have a very picky chi too! I had very good lucky with Merrick soft puppy food first then mix a tiny bit of kibble slowly over a few weeks. One of my fosters was even worse, and I made a mixture of brown rice, chicken or beef and some veggies and she would eat that. I eventually very slowly (like over a month) mixed it with tiny puppy kibble to encourage it. Good luck!!
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