Potty Training Help!

Kelsey HillKelsey Hill BentonPosts: 2Member
edited 23 March, 2014 in Australian Shepherd
Hey guys. I'm new here and I'm looking for some help, if you have some time to give me some advice. My three month old Aussie, Charlie was doing pretty well with potty training. He was using a potty pad when I wasn't home and pottying outside when I took him out when I got home. He had the occasional accident; maybe 10-20% of the time, but I felt like from where he started, he was doing really well. But then about a week ago he completely lost it. He still potties on the pad occasionally but he'll hardly ever go when I take him out. I take him out when I notice him sniffing around and I stay outside with him for usually about 15 minutes. But he won't go. He'll try to play or even just lay down in the grass. But he won't potty. And then the instant we walk in the door, he pees on the carpet. It's definitely not an accident. It's very intentional. He's just been outside with plenty of time to potty but he waits until we're back inside. He gets treats every time he potties outside and he gets punished for pottying inside (except on the pad). He knows he'll get a treat for pottying outside because he goes right to where the treats are as soon as he does it. And he knows he's not supposed to potty inside because he'll put his head down or run away from me when he does it. He's doing really well on all of his other obedience training still. He sits, lays down, jumps, shakes, and high fives on command. It's just potty training that he's gone back to square one on. I don't understand what happened. He was doing really well. Is this some sort of rebellious phase? Or and I doing something wrong in training him? Can anyone give me some help? I'm a teacher and I'm on spring break this week so this would be an excellent week to figure some stuff out and make some major progress since I'll be home with him all week. Also, I'm putting in a doggy door this week, now that he's big enough to be outside without me watching him every second. I'd like to get him trained enough over the next few months to where he'll just let himself out to potty and we won't even have to worry about the potty pads anymore. Thoughts on that? And as long as I'm asking for help (because believe me, I need all the help I can get), does anyone have any advice on how to help me convince Charlie Pup he doesn't need to herd my cats? Or is it just a lost cause? He's not mean to them or anything; he doesn't even nip them. He just wants to herd them. They obviously don't appreciate it very much. Thanks for all your help, Kelsey
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