How to get chi to go outside

Cindy ConnorsCindy Connors Posts: 3Member
edited 7 May, 2014 in Chihuahua
We brought home a 1 year old chiahuahua from the Humane Society yesterday. She already had an issue where if someone touches her on her right side, she will try to nip them so she's already leery of being held, but she also just had spaying surgery yesterday so we pretty much can't pick her up at all or she will nip us and cry in pain. We tried putting a collar and leash on her to take her outside for bathroom breaks but she refuses to move forward and we don't want to drag her to the door, and since we can't pick her up, we don't know what else to do but let her go on potty pads for now. We'd much rather avoid that since I know that will make house training harder down the road. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, any ideas for dealing with the nipping? The Humane Society vets said they didn't think she has any internal injuries. We're assuming she just has a muscle injury that makes her sensitive when her back is touched but we don't want the nipping to continue. The nipping has put me on edge and I'm worried she senses I'm scared of being bitten and this encourages the behavior but it's hard to control that because it's just a natural response after having been bitten. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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