Bullmastiff protection question

Tom bertschiTom bertschi Posts: 12Member
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Hi I have two bullmastiff litter mates male and a female just turning two years old. I have done a great deal of socialization work with them and they are the sweetest dogs ever. Here's the question. The dogs have their own entrance into the house to the back yard and go in and out all day as they want. My problem is this if someone comes to the property the will alert me with a bark.that's great, however they are so socialized they will let anyone through the gate.I don't want that.most say not to train this breed for protection because they are natural protectors. There must be some happy medium I want them to deter people from coming into my yard uninvited and robbing me. Any advice thanks Tommy


  • Betty MorganBetty Morgan CitronellePosts: 5,018Member
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    Bad guys are going to look at the huge barking dogs and look for a different target. If you or your family is threatened, I am sure they would find their teeth at that point. Shoot, people look at me and go the other way and huskies are one of the worst watchdogs one could ever have.
  • Tom bertschiTom bertschi Posts: 12Member
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    Thanks fritz
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    I'll answer this by stating a short story. Kali has become well socialized esp. if she thinks you have food. One day, while my husband and I were at work, my daughter decided to bring a new boyfriend ( a total loser) over to meet our dogs while we weren't home. (totally against our rules). Well, he was standing outside and she brought Kali outside to meet him. She became a vicious attack dog the instant she set eyes on him. My daughter could barely control her enough to get her back in the house. I told her, if Kali doesn't like him, then she needs to dump him, because Kali likes everyone. So, my answer would be, in general, dogs are very intuitive. They know when someone is up to no good. Mastiffs have an ingrained natural urge to protect. So, I would think that if someone came by that "was up to no good", then they would naturally deter them from coming in your yard. Good Luck!
  • Patti DevriesPatti Devries Posts: 1,374Member
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    I would say if your pup is over 60lb that's all the defense you need. Sophie is terrified of human strangers. But people will cross the street to avoid her face to face. Especially with bully mixes or mastiff mixes, just from a visual standpoint...bad guys will not come near your home.
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