you that's a second HSRP group Muscle Building

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you that's a second HSRP group reconfigured and hear the active router his seem to you stem around wrist which C-one so now we have the two in our training roles on the to get waitresses noticed that one group 1 for the gateway address 192 that was initiated 2.1 the two switches are sharing the virtual Mac Address inning AC 01 for group 2 I'm really into you the virtual macular lesions and AC 02 to have two unique mcintosh'santi-union k waitresses in this lab we looked at how to configure HSRP to provide a gateway our first opportunity we've had a glimpse a VR ping has a standard special turn it ifHSRP and we've seen how to configure HSRP load balancing 12 switches and I'm 13 will cover a first-half profanity feature that even more robust and it's called GOP p have welcomed left 13 first opportunity with GOP p the gateway load balancing propel geo VP as a dynamic and robust way to provide redundant gateways and network in this level cover the following topics: configure the active virtual gateway which manages geo VP Operations they will configure an active virtual forwarder which professor game with function for subnet they will check on the GOP the status to make sure it's working properly let's get started with a quick review from lab 12.
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