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Hey everyone. I am new here and a first time owner of a female Akita. We decided as a family to get an akita and so we did. Shes absolutely beautiful and so loving. We got her at 10 weeks and took the advice from my uncle to start to take her to obedience classes from a young age. We started them at 12 weeks and she does have a one to one session once or twice a month as I am kind of emphasizing on the socialization. She is doing really well and loves and greets EVERY stranger she meets! Anyways.. I am having a bit of troubles.. Shes very very scared of fireworks and is even scared to go outside for a wee (she will hold it in all night if she has to). Even If I take her out my self she just wants to run back in side and tries to drag me with her. She has now started to become weary of going outside even for walks and if she hears the slightest of bangs she bolts the opposite direction... The behaviorist has said its too close to bonfire night to start to desensitize her to the noise (Guy Fawkes Knight November 5th) and would have to start to desensitize her after this month or so ready for next years bonfire. Does any one else have this issue? Any advice? Also what is your Akita like with other dogs? When my dog sees another dog she lies done on her stomach waiting for the dog to approach. I have been told this is invitation for play but she does this ALL the time with EVERY dog...on EVERY walk... Does this eventually stop? What I have also noticed is sometimes she will end up becoming scared of random dogs and will not even want to stay and sniff but rather run... Again is this normal? One last what age does an Akita become protective? As she doesn't seem to have any protective instincts in her what so ever... I think she would run in the face of threat lol. I was told after her first season but she actually had this when she was 6 months and now is currently 8 months. Thanks every one look forward to the responses...Sorry for the long post. Maj.
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