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When you have small dogs, how do you feel prey model? Anything large enough for them not to potentially gulp is going to be way over the amount of food they should get. With my two cairns, the feeding guidelines would be around 6 ounces and 5 ounces for each of them per day. How do you balance it out. Even a turkey neck would probably exceed their daily feeding requirement and contain too much bone to be balanced, let alone feeding a chicken quarter or a goat neck or some such. I haven't started yet, as I just got back home on Sunday and was planning to place and pick up an order from a raw food supplier that's not too far away. I'm bummed to see that they seem to be sold out of a lot of things right now, so I guess I'll have to see what I can find for no-additive/hormone-free at the grocery store until they get some stock again. I'm really starting to wonder how this is going to work out if it's so difficult to source and with current meat prices. What's everyone else doing?


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    Ginger is 14 pounds and gets about 4 ounces a day until she gets a gorge meal. My dainty little dog with the amazing floffy tail can eat an entire whole prey chicken in one go. Take that measly 4 ounce rations! Anyway, she gets a lot of chicken ribs. One side is about right for 2 days of bone for her. The other meal of the day is organs, about 2 days's worth as I feed a grind that is actually only half organ. The following day she gets meat only. I buy whole chicken breast and cut most of the meat off for the humans, she gets the bony meat. Lots of meat on it, I don't try to get all the meat off. I cut turkey necks into 1/3s, she isn't going to gulp one down. Then she gets organ the meal after and just meat for a couple days after that. Chicken necks are about the right amount of bone for a single day and safe for Ginger, might not be safe for dogs with larger heads though. Ginger happened to transition to raw really well and after a couple months I was able to give her boneless days. No, I was forced to. She also doesn't happen to need more than that 10% bone to firm up her stool and had a couple of horribly hard stools before I caught on. Look into getting chicken feet. A single one is about the amount of bone Ginger needs for a single day. No chicken quarters fed here. I actually turned a freezer burnt chicken into cooked jerky rather than try to feed through it, she got the neck and giblets as usual though. I was able to chop a whole chicken up enough for 35 pound Max to get about the right amount of bone daily but it wasn't easy! After dogs are used to the diet some of us like to feed big, offer up something that is supposed to be too big to finish in a single go. With Max I would do this by figuring out how much he would get in a week and after the big meal his meals would just be smaller. He got about 70 ounces a week, if his big meal eaten in a single day was 20 ounces then he got 50/6 or 8 ounces a day rather than 10 ounces a day for the rest of the week. So you would be able to offer up goat neck every so often, just feed ounces by the week rather than by the day.
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