Dutch Shepherd Questions

Carolyn DavidsonCarolyn Davidson WashingtonPosts: 990Member
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A friend of mine came over this week with their adorable puppy. She is about 8-12 weeks old and a beautiful golden brindle with white paws and a white chest but has a black mask much like a shepherd would. They said they were told that she was a pit bull but she doesnt have any of the looks that most pit bulls do. I have had many pits during the last 16 years and none of them have ever had the look that Isis does. She is so cute though. I guess what I am asking is if anyone has pictures of their Dutch Shepherds as puppies and what info there is out there besides what I have found on line. Like are they good with kids, other dogs, cats?


  • Sarah SmithSarah Smith Posts: 66Member
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    My picture is a Dutchie as a 12 week old pup. She's 5 months (almost 6!) now. She is GREAT with my kids. Very wound up with other dogs. She's almost a bully so I have to really socialize her and teach her what the manners are. She's also very independent and strong willed. But she's very intelligent and sweet. She was afraid of men for awhile, and still can be nervous with cars pulling in the driveway (but she will get used to it fast once camp opens!). She is going to be tested tonight to see if she will be a good dog to read blood sugars.
  • Sarah SmithSarah Smith Posts: 66Member
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    Oh, I forgot to say too, many people have thought that my pup is a Pit/shepherd mix. She isn't. As a puppy, I swear she looked more like a sphinx.
  • Carolyn DavidsonCarolyn Davidson WashingtonPosts: 990Member
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    She is beautiful. Isis is around 8 weeks or so and really cute. I got roped into puppy sitting for her owners last night and I found out some things about her that made me more than a little angry. My son who is almost 18 told me that he knows her owner really well and that they took her from her mom before she even had her eyes open. She is really sweet but she does a LOT of whining and crying if put in her crate. She doesnt read my two little dogs social cues very well at all because she was taken away from her mom way too soon. Garnet however puts her in her place pretty quickly. How fast did yours grow the first 12 weeks or so?
  • Sarah SmithSarah Smith Posts: 66Member
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    We got her at 10 weeks (I suspect she was taken from her parents too early as well!) and she was about 30-ish lbs at 12 weeks. She's 5 months (6 next week!) now and is at 48lbs. Those first few weeks she grew FAST! I think it was too fast because now her feet look squishy. She's rocked back on her heels and I have to start suppliments and exercises to walk more on her toes. The people I got her from were feeding adult dog food when she was very little. Since I hadn't been planning on getting a puppy, I started her on Diamond Large Breed puppy food, but she had issues with that, so I've since switched her to FROMM Large breed puppy food. My vet seemed happy with it ;) That puppy is going to need a LOT of social interactions and bite inhibition training. They are smart and they are dogs that if you let them get away with something one time, they think that it's ok and will try other ways of doing the thing you don't want if you let them get away with it ;) They are thinkers and problem solvers. Constant training is necessary to keep the Dutchies brains from thinking of naughty things to do ;)
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