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Hi all, I'm new to feeding raw and have been combing through the forums for a while now and have some questions in regard to feeding a small dog raw (Maltese/Shihtzu 5.7lbs 19 weeks). This is my first dog and I wanted to what is best for him. When I first got Carson, he was on kibble and I transitioned him to Orijen puppy soon after as this was the best kibble I could find. It was a struggle to get him to finish his meals (1/4cup 3x) as he wasn't interested in kibble. I began to top it with some freeze-dried (Orijen tundra) and this seemed to help. As I've had him longer I've added and changed things to his diet. I believe that raw would be best for him. His current diet started 4/18/15 is: AM- 1 freeze dried medallion (Orijen tundra) with 1/2 tsp of coconut oil and 1oz goats milk. PM: 1/4c kibble with half pump of salmon oil. I'm giving him the primal pronto as a snack and training treats. I'm looking to replace the kibble with Primal Pronto and rotating formulas (freeze dried and pre-made raw) to keep him interested in his meals once he's used to eating raw. I'm worried that I'm either not feeding him enough or that I'm feeding him to much as the raw diet is richer and requires less. He is quite itchy/eyes water and I'm hoping raw will help him with this. Also, since starting his new diet he seems more lethargic - could this just be his age? He's normally very active; constantly playing with toys and sniffing around. I do take him one mile long walks most days. Now he's starting to lay around and nap quite often soon (a few hours) after being let out of his crate from the night. His poop also seemed quite large/squishy and more often since starting his new diet. What generally should I be expecting at this age/ on the new diet? Should I just replace his kibbles with the Primal cold turkey? He seems to enjoy the food much more and soothes his teething gums. The vet did mention that he has the start of LP in one of his hind legs. Should I be adding something else to his diet to help prevent it from getting worse? A hip/joint supplement? What else should I know? Many of the threads regard larger breeds on raw. I don't know if I'm ready to do RMB or raw meat and organs yet with him. That's why I'd like to go with premade. Are there any other brands you suggest or any cons to the premade? I'd appreciate any responses!


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    To me it honestly sounds like you're doing too much too soon. Make things simple for yourself- cut everything but ONE food and feed only that for a while, then slowly transition him if you want to change things. If he's already eating the raw ok for at least one meal, then that's what I'd go with and cut he kibble and freeze dried. I, personally, am a fan of using goat milk provided it is raw. Primal makes a raw goat milk product that's great, has a lot of added probiotics, if you want to use that to help settle his stomach during the switch. Joint sups are great, but worry about those later. Get his diet stable first, then work on adding supplements. Primal is a great brand, and there's no shame in doing premade. I was using several premade brands when I was weaning Rigel- S&C, Primal, Bravo. I have always been a bit skeptical of my own abilities to get an appropriate balance for a growing puppy, so I go with the things I "know" to be balanced. Did the same with Ridley when he was still growing. For Rigel, I finally settled on one called Northwest Naturals, which I mix with the Honest Kitchen for him (a lot of the premades constipated him, THK seems to add just enough bulk to normalize his poops). I use the little nuggets for him too, I'm lazy and if I have a scoopable option, I'm taking it :)) As far as how much to feed, for a dog that young you're still going to want to go with the 10% of current body weight, or 2% of anticipated adult weight. Bag guidelines for raw seem to be very scatterbrained in my experience.
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    He's been on the freezedried as a topper for a while now (a week after he normalized poop on the kibble) and has been on coconut oil for over a month. I wanted to keep him on freezedried for travel purposes as I go out of town every other weekend with him to see my bf/his dad. At home I'd like to keep him on Primal. I do plan on introducing the diff proteins to him slowly as I'd like him on a rotational diet (I'd be bored eating the same thing, so why wouldn't he?) Right now he is taking Answer's goat milk; it was the only one offered at my local specialty store. I'm the same way in that I don't think I'd be estimating his needs properly and that's why I'm choosing the premade. Thanks for the advice on amount to feed . Looks like I need to invest in a scale!
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