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Carol LongCarol Long Posts: 51Member
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We are looking to adopt from a local shelter. They have three babies that are lab mixes suspected to be around 6 weeks old. They are willing to hold until they are old enough to adopt and spay. I know it isn't possible to be sure what type of mix the dogs are especially without a photo but we want a large-xlarge breed family dog that will be at least slightly protective. The pups are so adorable but I am hesitant because one had a Chihuahua type face. The shelter worker mentioned this as well. The one with the Chi face is completely yellow and the runt. The other two had more of the squarish lab head rather than pointy. Does this make sense? One was black with a white chest, typical lab look. The other had golden brown/yellow body with darker brown stripe down its spine and black mouth. I have always heard you check size by paws but I don't know what is considered big. The paw was probably 2 in. front to back. Again the age is a guess but approx. 6 weeks. One more question. How do you choose aside from looks? The yellow, my favorite appearance wise, was extremely calm. When the cage door was open it stood in door and never exited, no jumping, snapping etc. however it did fine with me picking her up. You could tell she didn't love to be palmed or flipped over but wasn't overly skirmy. The darker brown was very active. Started jumping and yapping as soon as he saw me and was first to run out of cage. It was very squirmy while I held it. The black/white one was very calm at first. Never approaching cage walls when I stuck my fingers in. The worker said this was not normal as he is usually more active. When we opened the cage, he ran out shortly after the other and was just as boisterous as the brown one. The one difference is when I palmed him or flipped him over, he was completely calm. Didn't wiggle once while I held him but jumped and barked while on the floor. In this situation, which would you advise on choosing? Lastly, size of the pups....I am a large lady with larger than average lady hands. The pups were easy to hold in my palm. Basically if I slipped my hand between back legs, its entire body, belly to chest, would fit in palm.


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    It's very difficult to determine the breed of stray pups when they're that young. It's really just a guess at this point. As for which one to pick, it's more of a matter of which one finds it's way into your heart. LOLOL When we picked Kali, she had a look in her eye that was really kind. Reina has the same look. That's how we picked them out. Good Luck!
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    I went back today and took photos. I uploaded the pics to my website. I don't know how to upload them here.
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    That are very cute. All three have a kind look in their face's. Have you been able to see them play? Reina's little was full of energy. She was the calmest one. I wouldn't want to have to pick one of the three your looking at. They're all cute.
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