How do I get through to my step sister about raw feeding?

Jenna SleightholmeJenna Sleightholme SelbyPosts: 18Member
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Hi! I've being researching raw feeding since I was fifteen(early starter). My step sister has three dogs two Staffordshire bull terriers and a Rottweiler. She has a family that's told her some absolute rubbish about feeding dogs properly like look for colourful dog food cause it has lots of veggies in it:))!. It's unbelievable! She gives them pasta to bulk them up:? I've said to her about adding some raw food into their diet and she said no because apparently it's too rich for them to digest :?. I'm loosing faith here! she's started giving them boiled heart, liver and kidney occasionally so I guess that's a start. Don't get me wrong, I love her to bits. Some advise would be greatly appreciated!


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    Good that she is using some fresh food to feed her dogs. There is so much conflicting information about feeding any critter, including ourselves, a lot to work through. I started out feeding 'premium' kibble, moved to grain free and back to premium when the grain free didn't work for that dog then home cooking and finally raw. Max went back to home cooked food when he was very old as well. He actually did better with grain in that cooked food as well. I am lucky in that I have the time, space and a little extra money to figure out what works best for my pets, not everybody does. How about something like Orijen's White Paper? While the vet association itself disapproves of raw feeding here is a link of some quotes from vets on feeding fresh/raw food to dogs. And last, a short article from a vet who learned to ask "and what else" when client told him that the healthy looking animal in front of him was eating something considered low quality food. Will help your SS feel better about feeding those meaty bits!
  • Jenna SleightholmeJenna Sleightholme SelbyPosts: 18Member
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    Thanks for the links. Her finances are not good at the moment(sometimes even missing meals). We live in the UK. She's feeding whatever food she can get her hands on, so that's food like wagg, pedigree, bakers Ect. It really upsets me to see her in this situation but I'm in no way capable of helping her financially:((. I've helped a friend of my mum's switch her two dogs and puppy to premade raw food ( and and still offer advise when needed. I have offered to help my step sister but I think she's skeptical because of my age, almost 18 (don't let my age fool you. I spend hours every week researching raw feeding. I'd love to have a dog of my own some day and I want to get its care right the first time). She often says I worry too much.
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