What kind of dog for duplex?

Elbows SwanginElbows Swangin Posts: 4Member
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I am currently in the process of moving into a duplex. I want a dog the duplex i am moving into does have a fenced in yard so he or she will have room to run and play in. I wanted a medium sized dog too not a small one.. Any suggestions? The experience i have had with dogs is my old roomate owned a husky mix then there was gypsy but she got out of the yard and we never found her. I grew up around a cattle dog and a medium dog that was a mix breed.


  • Vicky ChanVicky Chan MarkhamPosts: 3,542Member
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    I honestly think that any breed will be fine in a douplex. The only thing to consider is the barking since you'll be sharing a wall with your neighbor. :) Here's my question though, you talk about all the dogs you've had experience with? What are you looking for specifically in a dog? It's important to know what you want in a dog more than anything. :)
  • Elbows SwanginElbows Swangin Posts: 4Member
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    I was just looking for a dog that was medium sized and somewhat easy to train and not much of a barker.
  • Heather Di PietroHeather Di Pietro Posts: 7Member
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    Your best bet may be going through a rescue- foster situation where they can tell you tthe behavior of a particular dog. Many dogs will bark or be high energy... Especiallybherding breeds..., but there are always exceptions.
  • Elbows SwanginElbows Swangin Posts: 4Member
    edited 17 July, 2015
    I prefer not to adopt just because some are troubled i rather have a puppy and be able to raise and train it
  • Heather Di PietroHeather Di Pietro Posts: 7Member
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    I understand completely. I can't recommend shelties due to bark, a small golden or collie? They bark less but if you want medium size a small one might fit the bill. I don't think poodles are big barkers , but don't quote me on that.
  • Elbows SwanginElbows Swangin Posts: 4Member
    edited 21 July, 2015
    I dont like goldens that much but by you bringing them up made me think of lab's. I am going to start looking into breeders in the area. Hopefully i will come across some puppies that are ready to go home. My roomate and I already moved into our duplex and are still unpacking she has a dog at her parents house not to sure if it will be coming here. If it does we agreed on it being okay for a second dog. |/h/| I will still have my own dog it works out for everyone.
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