Need advice from protection dog owners?

Robin MedellinRobin Medellin Posts: 5Member
edited 25 July, 2015 in Choosing the Right Dog
I'm looking into getting another dog, one suited for protection work. While I don't intend to get into competitive Schutzhund, I am currently seeking out a protection work dog trainer,while looking for Fido, as we shall call the undecided pup. Fido will be exercised via skatejoring / bikejoring. (To those of you whom are unaware of the sport, it's using a harness on your dog and having him pull you on your bike or skateboard. Some people even use skis but I live in northwest Florida near the coast so that won't be happening for us. My usual skating session is in between an hour and three, depending on the weather and time. Me and Fido will go twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening during the summer months and once it gets cold, Florida gets cold too, we'll aim for a warmer time of day. Mental stimulation will come from training and "smart games." I'm also looking for a dog that's reserved with strangers, not aggressive. I understand aggressiveness comes from a lack of training, bad breeding,lack of exercise, or lack of socialization, but some breeds are more inclined to fight. I want to be able to take him out and about ( dog parks, dog beaches, just out and around town.) I also have another dog, a stubbly lab×corgi mix who doesn't have the drive or energy to keep up with me, hence why I'm looking for Fido, an exercising, protector buddy. I am young and in impeccable health. (Read: Colds? What's that?) And BECAUSE I live in Florida, ten minutes from the beach, a dog who at least decently likes water would be nice. I don't have any children, it'll just be me, Fido & Amora, so size isn't much of a consideration. I've owned a German Shepherd before, but he wasn't well bred and very poodle-ish in temperament. I do have experience in dogs. I'm currently training a neurotic pit bull who spends most of her day in a cage, two pit bull puppies, have trained a Australian Shepherd, my own German Shepherd, my Corgi mix, and an escape artist of a Lab. (Most of the dogs are my family members.) Any breed suggestions?


  • Alexa TravisAlexa Travis Birmingham, ALPosts: 4,692Member
    edited 25 July, 2015
    I'm curious what "poodle-ish" means to you? When I think "Poodle", I think bright, lively, high-spirited, biddable, versatile, very intelligent, very agreeable dog. Is that how you are trying to describe your former dog? By stating the dog will ill-bred, I'm assuming you didn't like those things from your dog, unless you are meaning to say they acted differently than the above characteristics? Just trying to get an idea for what you do/do not like here.
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