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I'll start at the beginning. We got Hazard Feb 3, just after a snowstorm. He was dropped off at the shelter by someone who had kept him on their porch for 3 days. So, a stray. The shelter kept him for the mandatory 7 days while they waited for someone to see his picture on facebook. Nobody came forward at all, so we have no history on him. We got lucky, and were the ones that got to adopt him. We think Hazard is somewhere between 8-11 months. The shelter we got him from said about 8 months. He is about 18.5 inches tall at the shoulder. Thoughts? We think he is purebred, but have no history. A friend though he might be mixed because the fur on his back is a bit coarse, and not fluffy like on his neck and chest. What do you think? He's a gorgeous red merle, but I can't really catch it on camera. I have more pictures on his profile. He had no manners when we got him, and now he walks nice most of the time. He sits, rings the bells by the back door when asked, knows "no," and is learning down, leave it, crate, and wait, next. He was scared of the kids wearing snow stuff, but has since relaxed and acts like it is completely normal. I've been taking him with me to drop off and pick up the kids (he stayed in the car.) He barked a bit at people passing the first day, which was about a week ago. He ended up relaxing and watching quietly while we sat there for about 30 minutes. Today is the first day that he came out of the car to get the kids. He did fantastic. Nothing that signaled he wanted to chase anyone; He even sat, and acted relaxed. We've also gone for a walk outside (yes, only one. It's been stupid cold here) and made a couple trips to the dog park. The day we brought him home, he attempted to "herd" and nipped one of the kids as she ran through the house. He stopped immediately when I told him no. I told the kids not to run, and kept him on a leash since we weren't sure if he was potty trained yet, either. They managed to not run for all of maybe 3 days. He was off leash, they forgot, and...nothing. He watched them, and hasn't tried since then. He is rather uninterested in food, though we found one treat, finally, that he likes and will work for. Still not super enthusiastic. We're hoping it's because he's still settling in. He does not seem interested in balls, frisbees, or anything thrown really. I would like to get him playing fetch at least so he has an outlet for that drive to chase. I'm just not real sure how to get him started. Ideas? He is my little velcro dog right now. Meaning that he has to be right next to me, or rushes to the room he anticipates I'm going to. Which I'm fine with, but wanted to make sure it wouldn't turn into an issue. It won't, will it? I'm sure I've got more, but can't think of anything at the moment. I'll post again if I think of something. Thanks in advance for any help.
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