What is the best way to chose a name for a new pup?

John VarsJohn Vars MinnetristaPosts: 1,016Member
It is so hard to come up with a good name for a new pup. Does anyone have any good, creative ways for doing this?

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  • Sara HoffeeSara Hoffee Bloomington/NormalPosts: 8,936Member
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    In our family, everyone is given a musical name. I'm a classical pianist by training, so I generally have a few names in mind, then give it a few days to see what the pup's personality is like. With Rondo, I played different recordings of things and named him after the piece he really reacted to the most. Fritz (one of my former fosters) got his name because of a certain womanizing tendency (and divo behavior) displayed by Fritz Wunderlich the great tenor. Gretta was named for a Schubert song where the high point involved kissing (her greatest talent in life). We've also had a string of more typical musical names for various pets: Figaro, Pierrot, and Eusebius to name a few. I guess my advice is to focus in on a hobby or love that you have, and play word association. Then you'll find a creative name that suits both you and the dog.
  • Saskia RottbeckSaskia Rottbeck CairnsPosts: 26,400Member
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    My advice is to get to know the puppy over a few days and find a name that suits its personality that you also like.
  • Michelle Martinez CaamanoMichelle Martinez Caamano My furry family lives in NJPosts: 760Member
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    We checked websites for baby names - we eliminated everything that was longer than 2 syllables and then we checked out the meanings. We picked the one that best fit the personality of our little one. Lucas = illuminated one, or light Since we feel he has lit up our lives, that became his name!
  • Melissa CullenMelissa Cullen AucklandPosts: 710Member
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    I have never named a dog, Jesse was already named when we rescued her. When I named my cat, I asked everyone for ideas, and eventually chose the one I liked the most, which was Odin - Norse god of war. Suited him to a T. The poor thing was ' kitten' for a couple of weeks though. Then, my next pet, a rabbit, got named Zeus, in keeping with the mythology theme. I would have kept that going if Jesse, and the other rabbit hadn't been already named. If I get another Siberian Husky, I will try to choose names that reflect the Siberian-ness, and maybe one that fits my mythology theme
  • Cathy HCathy H Posts: 8,423Member
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    If you are stuck in the puppy-naming rut, try to think of themes. Favorite movie titles or actors? Countries? Foreign words that have a nice ring? Foods? Flowers? Cities? Landmarks? Colors? Don't feel pressured to give the pup a name immediately. Let your ideas float around in your mind until something sticks.
  • Anna ColomaAnna Coloma Rancho CordovaPosts: 2,389Member
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    Well, for me, my family thought about my characteristics. I am a dachshund, so I am German. Therefore, they gave me a German name! Since I am a "hot dog," they named me Frankfurter because that is hot dog in German! For my middle name, my mom chose Wilhelm because it is a German name that she likes. Then Coloma is my last name. You might want to think about those factors too for names! Good luck! ~Franky!
  • louise nichollouise nichol Posts: 74,667Member
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    Names have always come easy to my mum and family. Before even picking us up she had the names for us BOL. Theres normally names that you like and they tend to be the name/s you'll decide on but as other pups have advised theres always dog name websites and books or you could do a lucky draw with all your family, get everyone to write there faveourite name down and then pick one from a hat! Missy
  • hannah hannahhannah hannah town/ N'hood/ the bark parkPosts: 566Member
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    hey porter get a baby name book but come up with some of the peoples nicknames that you know or after one of his features such as eye color or some thing like that that is how i got named. LOL!
  • Catherine PippinCatherine Pippin roanokePosts: 406Member
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    We name our pets human names. Jack is so smart he picked his own name. Ginger took some time as we had to get to know her personality more. AKC dogs or CKC require 3 names. Ginger Smiles Primm was Smile for a relative that had the same charactoristic when you pick her up she opens her mouth like a smile. Primm was the breeders name. Jumpin Jack Flash was cause his daddy kept singing a song by the Rolling Stones-Under my Thumb, But changed the words to Under My Tail.
  • Veronica BaezVeronica Baez CaguasPosts: 402Member
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    try to find a name that fits perfect, my bro named the dog after a radio host and it fits him perfect: Kobi....pronounced Kobe
  • Rayanne C-Rayanne C- NewtonPosts: 871Member
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    My Mom picks names that have to do with color, what we were bred for, etc. For instance Magnum is refering to guns, which refer to hunting. I'm a Lab and hunting's what we do. My brother Blackie, is a black Lab(my Mom was 5 when she got him, but hey, I think it suits him well!) Another neat idea I heard was typing in a name on Babel Fish(look it up on Google) and then translate it to a different language. Hope that helps!
  • Brianna BurkeBrianna Burke Posts: 69Member
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    Look at the dogs personality these are so exsamples. real perfict = angel lazy = rock or rocky black = shadow
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