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could someone please help me.

Allie LemasterAllie Lemaster HamlinPosts: 100Member
I have this person that lives on my road. She treats her dogs like crap. They are all females and they are not fixed. She cusses them calling them the b-word as if they were humans. She kicks them when they want attention. Also, just because her daughter wanted one of them to have puppies, she didn't get them spayed like she was going to. I need to call animal control, but she said she would tell them to take my dogs too. She told me that she would tell them that i starve my dogs( they are fed twice a day and they are very active dogs so they are slim....not fat)but she could make up some story, she is very good at that. I know that I could call in and they wouldnt reveal my name, but she would know that i called and i am afraid that she will harm my dogs. I just want what is best for those dogs, but also i don't want my dogs harmed either. Does anyone have any advice?

Best Answers

  • Tiffany MitchellTiffany Mitchell IOWAPosts: 6,792Member
    Accepted Answer
    I would still call the AC and talk to them about those poor animals. I'm not sure about animal abuse laws though, some areas only judge by food/shelter (which is #@!#). Your dogs will obviously be better behaved, better fed, and any person would be able to tell that. As to threats, I would make sure they are documented. I would also keep close tabs on my own dogs. Should you have to do this when your neighbor is in the wrong- No. I have been in that situation before, I was glad I called, I am ashamed to admit it took me a while before I did though. In the end you have to go with your gut.
  • Karen MordenKaren Morden Port HuronPosts: 1,174Member
    Accepted Answer
    I completly understand what u r going through.With having my 3 PitBulls I have gone through the same thing w/people saying they r going 2 make up a story so they can call Animal control because those tyoe of dogs don't deserve 2 b alive.On my daily walks(I'm VERY limited 2 where I have 2 walk my dogs right now)I have a guy that is in an electric wheelchair thing(not making fun of him but I know he can walk because he has trotted down the drive way following us.He just can't leave us alone.ANYWAY if all the lady is doing is cussing at her dogs don't pay attention 2 her-the dogs don't know that she is cussing at them!But if she is being physical then you can call the AC 2 C what u can do.When I had 2 go 2 the door 4 people that were mistreating their pets I would never tell anyone who sent me(yep i worked for animal control)I hated what they did with the adoptable dogs or strays so I couldn't stay.The other thing if you know what type of breed they are you can contact a rescue group.
  • Sam HeiferSam Heifer Long ValleyPosts: 57Member
    Accepted Answer
    First YOU HAVE TO CALL EVERYONE! ASPCA, local vets for advice, Animal control, and local shelters or rescue groups. Sometimes these people can reason with abusers to surrender a few of their dogs they really don't want without legal consequences. That's how mom rescued Zoey as a pup 12 years ago and her whole litter was saved from being really bad guard dogs. Second - no one's taking you away from your family if you are house with the family, there's food in your home, and you have up to date vet records. Never fear, they DO look into these things before removal. Third - Mom lived by people who neglected their dogs and everytime Mom called the Animal control man she was scorned by neighbors. Neighbors can be bad, but you HAVE to obey the law and prevail. Mom eventually moved away from there cause our home now LOVES pups and the neighbors are far away, but while you are there do God's work as a cherub on earth and HELP THOSE PUPPIES!
  • Leslie BardonLeslie Bardon Eden Prairie, MNPosts: 24Member
    Accepted Answer
    First of all make sure your dogs are registered as they need to be(my city requires me to be licensed). Got a digital camera? Record a movie if you catch her. Call in a concern, generally if they are legit concerns it will be checked out. Obviously if they came to your house and could see every bone in your dogs body then you would be starving them. I wouldn't worry about her. Those type of people anger my mommy... As long as you are following your cities rules there should not be a problem. REPORT HER!!!
  • Christy MorrisonChristy Morrison HoschtonPosts: 9Member
    Accepted Answer
    I couldn't stand to see an animal treated like that. It sounds like your word would be a whole lot more credible than hers. I snatched a dog from a yard in NY that was being abused-brought it to another state and found it a good home. Do what your heart tells you to do. Even if she does try to turn AC on you she shouldn't have a leg to stand on. Don't let these poor animals suffer! PLEASE!
  • Christy DieringerChristy Dieringer Valley MillsPosts: 170Member
    Accepted Answer
    My biggest concern would be her revenge, not with animal control. If your dogs are taken care of then you will be fine. Unfortunately, calling AC might not do a bit of good since it's just your word unless you get actual abuse caught on tape and it's only a ticket in most cases. Unless the dogs have abrasions on them and/or not fed/sheltered, AC might not do anything. See if there is a rescue org. that will see if she wants to surrender the dogs. You're in a tough situation since if you try to get her in trouble, she may do something terrible. I know a friend who had her dogs poisoned over the same thing. Maybe you can butter her up nicely and see if you can find the dogs a home? Maybe say something like you know someone who saw the dogs and really wanted them and it would mean she wouldn't have to pay for food anymore. Trying to help her get rid of them may be better than making her mad at you if you can. I wish I knew EXACTLY what to do! Too bad she knows where you live.
  • Starr LoverStarr Lover Posts: 467Member
    Accepted Answer
    I would say that I went out of town and would call the AC (please keep in mind that if you call and noone wants them or adops them they could be PTS) and then tell them what see was doing to them. Also please call the metro police to see if they wold arrest her for animal abuse. Take your animals to a safe place like a relatives just to keep them safe from her. I not so sure that this would help as much as the others becuase I haven't been in a situation like yours but I have been in a similer one though. Good Luck though! XOXO ~ Milo
  • Debi BloodDebi Blood Posts: 3Member
    Accepted Answer
    It often takes a great deal of courage to stand up for those who can't help themselves. Risks are often involved. You can do what everyone is suggesting and call animal control after you make sure your own dogs are in compliance (licensed, not roaming, up on their shots). Or you can turn a blind eye. Either way, you have to do what you feel is best. No one can decide that for you. One thing to keep in mind is that animal control might have to destroy the dogs. There just aren't enough homes for all the shelter dogs. I had to report an abused dog once - left in an abandoned house, vicious (or I would have taken him) and terrified, malnurished, covered with mange - and of course AC destroyed him. You have to be able to live with that possibility if AC gets involved. It's a horrid fact, but it's true.


  • maria214maria214 Posts: 9Member
    Why would you tell her you’re going to call them? You should of just called and not said anything to her .
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