general information on the breed maltichon. (characteristics, etc.)

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  • Cressida MagaroCressida Magaro Posts: 1,569Member
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    Maltichon? Do you mean a maltese/bichone frise mix? Because that's not a breed, it's a mixed breed (commonly known as a mutt), so there are no standards for the way they are supposed to be like.
  • Karen MordenKaren Morden Port HuronPosts: 1,174Member
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    When one breed is mixed with another it is commonly known as a mutt
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    Read about the breed Maltese (here, and then the breed Bichon Frise (here, That should tell you about the breed-cross maltlichon. Please note that a breed-cross (or coross-breed) will have some of the charactoristics of each. I want to add to what I already said. Almost any breeder which intentionally breeds cross-breeds is NOT a breeder you want to support. You can find plenty of cross-breeds at the shelter.
  • April OwensApril Owens HarlanPosts: 105Member
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    Boy, aren't people just so lovely on dogster when it comes to a cross breed? Well, I am getting a Maltipoo in about a week and a half (Yay!) and I'm sure they have the same characteristics as a Maltichon since poodles are a lot like Bichons. Bichons are smart, great with kids, and natural lovers of people. They also love affection. Malteses are a little more stubborn, but not too much. They sometimes are leary of strangers and a bit more protective. Maybe you could pawmail some Maltichon owners on dogster and ask them since everyone on these forums is against buying a cross breed. Where I live there is no animal shelter. It is anyone's right to be able to purchase a cross breed from someone that we know is taking very good care of it in it's earliest weeks of life as opposed to going to a crummy kill shelter where dogs look worse than before they got there, which is all that's around me. Should people just adopt kids instead of having their own? There's alot of orphans out there.
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    It's not the matter of a dog being a cross breed..some of my favorite dogs are mutts! It's the concern that these mutts are being bred to make $ & for no other reason...That is just wrong!!
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