I am puppysitting a dog for my Grandma, I have a question of behavior?

I am puppysitting a 4? yr old mini-schnauzer. Emm and Benji (schnauzer) have met and played before. He has even stayed with us on long weekends. This time he will be with us 2 wks. I am not up on multi-dog behaviors. Single dog family here. Emm and Benji were playing, and I was watching/supervising. Playing fine, then they both pause, do the smell thing, and then Benji lifts his leg and pees right on Emm(in the face). Emm was pretty shocked (trying not to laugh about the look on her face). The thing is, I don't want this to indicate something serious. Emma outweighs him by at least 10-15lbs. Normal/Not normal? They will be separated when I am at work, and will not be feed in the same area. Any insight on this would be helpful...

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  • Laura ShermanLaura Sherman Corona/Norco/Dog Park-BeachPosts: 834Member
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    I'm sure someone on here can explain this better. But, I'll give you my very limited knowledge. I think it is not that big a deal - except for the gross factor. I don't think it will escilate to anything worse. I have heard of other situations where one dog pee's on another -- it was just that and no other dominance issues arose. What I saw one person do was let one dog go out to potty before or after the other to avoid that but... I don't know your potty situation. You're only sitting for 2 weeks - I would not worry about it too much, heck it may have been an accident? I may be the visiting dog attempting to establish territory but not in an agressive/confrontational way. ? Once again - I'm no expert but it's temporary and I wouldn't worry too much. You could call your vet and ask them too. ??? Just a thought. Good Luck
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
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    I don't think this is really anything to worry too much about. Some dogs just seem to pee on everything....people, dogs, cats (well, THAT'S understandable, I guess!) If this is an isolated incident, then he probably was just having to go and decided to lift his leg. Some dogs are just kinda dumb that way. If it happens with other dogs or with Emm again, I'd think he's trying to be slightly dominant, but I wouldn't worry about it at all.....you know, except from the standpoint that she'll need a bath. Good luck, I'm sure it will all be fine.
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