Am I purebred?

I am suppose to be a purebed AmStaff, but I'm starting to wonder. I came to my Daddy's at about 5 months. Can you help me?

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    Looks purebred to me. Just because he doesn't look like a show dog or doesn't seem fit the breed standard perfectly doesn't mean that he's actually a mix. In fact, no dog, even show dogs, actually fits the standard perfectly. Some come pretty woofed close though.
  • Judy MurdochJudy Murdoch Northern Lower MichiganPosts: 8,717Member
    Accepted Answer
    Looks purebred, but what difference does it make unless you are planning on showing her? Not all pups with registered parents look exactly alike. It is more important that she is good natured, trainable and lovable. She appears to be all of those. Enjoy her company.
  • anika evansanika evans Many locations have been home!Posts: 7,307Member
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    Like Gray Dawntreader said, just because a dog isn't the best example of the breed conformation-wise doesn't mean they're not pure. AmStaffs can come in different shapes and sizes and colors, and a lot of times females can be smaller and less stocky than the males. Do you know anything about her history? Does it *matter* if she's pure AmStaff or not, really? She sure is cute! Storm we suspect is an AmStaff or mix. She's about 9 years old and 60 pounds, but she's definitely one of the less stocky examples of what AmStaffs can be. Your coloration is a bit like Storm's!
  • Karen MordenKaren Morden Port HuronPosts: 1,174Member
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    Have to disagree with the above posters.It looks as if your girl has a bit of something else in her.Take a look at Clay He is Am Staff and my 2 other boys are pits. I have disagreed about this before,when a breed standard is set,show dogs should be that breed standard in order to win a show.If not then they should not win. Clay is perfect to breed standard and has won Best in Breed everytime he has shown. If breed doesn't matter to you or what the dog looks like then I wouldn't worry to much what your girl has in her. Just enjoy her
  • Naysa SlemmingsNaysa Slemmings PerthPosts: 11Member
    Accepted Answer
    awwww she look just like me... but skinnier :( hahahahhahaha yes she is purebred
  • Shannon FordShannon Ford RichmondPosts: 527Member
    Accepted Answer
    SH elooks like she is going through a gaingly (sp?) stage right now which could be why she doesn't look like a purebreed.
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