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  • Latavia WilliamsLatavia Williams White PlainsPosts: 1,157Member
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    Thanks for that bit of info. Wow, I knew people were heartless, but stealing dogs? That upsets me just to think about it. What has the world come to?
  • Melissa TakadaMelissa Takada TennesseePosts: 373Member
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    This is so terrible! Absolutely everyone be careful!
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
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    It certainly IS very scary to think there are people out there who plan to harm your dog or take them away for their own greedy purposes. I am glad you posted this, Gray, since there are many good, common sense tips in the article about keeping your dog safe. We sometimes leave Jack in our locked car after a beach trip or when it is too cold to bring him with us to a cafe. But, we never leave him where we cannot see HIM in the car. Otherwise, we wouldn't feel comfortable. Also, everyone should keep in mind that for the vast majority of dogs, being stolen isn't as much of a threat to them as the things we expose them to in everyday life. Think of this as you would airplane crashes; it does happen, but you're far more at risk on the freeway every day than in the air. On a daily basis, keeping our dogs on leash, inside when we're not home and not leaving them unattended/unwatched even at a dog park are even better preventative measures. And, I agree about the recall!
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