Good Products for Doggie Breath?

I am a yellow lab that has UNUSUALLY bad breath! Anyone know of a really good treat or something to help me out?

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  • Gwen PillerGwen Piller Posts: 2,131Member
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    Just like humans doggie breath is a result of something internal. There is really no such thing as doggie breath for no reason. Joey's breath problem is either coming from his tummy, as a result of the food he is eating, or he may be somewhat dehydrated. Most likely cause of doggie breath is tartar and plaque build up on the teeth. A properly cured knuckle/marrow bone will help with this. I have a large dog too and I give him what is commercially sold as a "Dino Bone" It's a large Marrow Bone with a Knuckle at each end. You only need to give it too him for 10 to 15 minutes a day until the grease and knuckles have been knawed off. This will reduce the chance of diarhea from the grease and don't be surprised when his poop turns white, that's the extra calcium from the knuckle and bone. Once he's demolished the two knuckles his poop won't be white anymore. After Joeys cleaned out the marrow you can put peanut butter inside the bone to keep him chewing away at it. Taser
  • Cressida MagaroCressida Magaro Posts: 1,569Member
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    Joey may badly need a tooth cleaning from your vet. As horrible as it may sound, because dogs can't brush their own teeth and the food we normally give them does not promote good oral health, a dog's (or cat's) teeth and gums can get so bad that it can actually spread bacteria throughout their entire body and cause major systemic infection. Bad breath is usually the first sign of a developing oral health problem, and just giving Greenies or a dental chew is not going to take care of that. Those things help maintain good oral health, but can't bring a dog's mouth back from serious gingivitis and tartar to sparkling pearly whites just on their own. So, see your vet about getting Joey's teeth checked. If you get word from your vet that his teeth don't need a professional cleaning (known as scaling and planing) then you can start giving dental chews. The best thing for dog teeth is raw bones with some meat on them. The ripping and tearing of the meat off the bone cleans teeth.
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