We are planning on getting both our dogs microchipped, I was just wondering if others on here have had it done and feel it is well worth it. I want them to have it done, I think it's a good thing. Just curious on your thoughts, we are also relocating to a different state, would it probably be best to have it done before we move?

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  • Maryann EllisMaryann Ellis BrooksvillePosts: 8Member
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    Yes I believe in it!! After Katrina, that's how some people were lucky enough to get their pets back! My vet suggested using at least one person who lived sort of far away as a contact in case of a similar situation. If my house blew away,so would my neighbor's and maybe the whole area would be without electricity and contact could not be made with my emergency contact person.Good idea! Smart vet!! Jim had his chip implanted while being neutered so he didn't feel it. He is so tiny. 2 1/2 lbs! Our other pets are chipped as well. 2 other dogs and 2 cats. I would be heart broken if they got lost!
  • Gerry SassinGerry Sassin NorcoPosts: 178Member
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    It is absolutely the right thing to do. I work for a small city that has its own animal shelter. It breaks my heart to hear from my co-workers at the shelter about the pets that come in that they know belongs to a family but due to no i.d. or chipping they can't get them back home. It's equally rewarding when they run the wand over a pet and hear it "chirp"!! It makes their day to call the pet's "parents" and tell them that their fur-kid is safe! Yes, please, for your pets safety and for your peace of mind, do it as soon as possible!! It's a gift of love!
  • Gigi SageGigi Sage Posts: 40Member
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    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! It is so important!!! Its as big as a grain of rice and it could save your puppy's life!!! You can get it done and be registered in several places.
  • Kristine SchadeKristine Schade Clinton Twp.Posts: 7Member
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    In addition to having my own dogs microchipped I volunteer with an animal rescue that has it done on every animal that comes through. I would absoluting recommend it because I have seen several animals find there way back home or back to the rescue. Since the microchips we use are registered to the rescue we get the call if the pet parent can't be located. Definetly get it done but remember that it is only as accurate as the latest information you give the company. So if you move or change phone numbers don't forget to update the microchip info first. Kris
  • Elisha BradyElisha Brady San JosePosts: 56Member
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    both of my dogs are microchipped and I think it's worth it. The chances of them being returned to you are higher than just tags. Plus, people are less likely to steal your dog if it has a microchipped cause only the owner can change the information on a microchip, so it wouldn't be in their best interest to steal a dog and try to sell it. The only draw back I've encountered with this is a majority of people who dont own dogs dont know to check for michrochips. But, for the most part, i think its a great asset. Also, after you get your dogs microchipped, register them on 24PetWatch.com. you get a discount on pet insurance if you do so. And they're also great help when you lose your dog.
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