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jaylow femjaylow fem Posts: 41Member ✭✭
I just wanted to say :Thank you to the ones that gave me advice on my yorki-poo that had the vomiting an diarhea.He has gotton over it an the vet said that he probably picked up a viral infection from sniffing where other dogs pee when i take him for his walk.He is ok now thank god i love my little baby!thank you again jay

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  • ♥MaKayla♥ M-----♥MaKayla♥ M----- MissouriPosts: 324Member
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    Your oh so welcome. I am so very glad and happy that your baby is okay. Thank God I was worried as well as you. Yea thats probably it. I bet the vet is right. Your oh so very welcome....This will probably gt flagged because it isn't a question. BOL...its ok though. All of us are oh so glad your baby is okay and healthy. Sadie and Makayla AKA her Mommy
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    That's good to hear.


  • jaylow femjaylow fem Posts: 41Member ✭✭
    Sorry it took me soooo long too thank you guys for your concern it’s people like you that make a difference in caring
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