Neighbor's dog has mites...Will my dogs catch them too???

Don GambrelDon Gambrel Lima, OhioPosts: 110Member
I tried to search on mites and got too many different ones. The dog's hair fell out from the middle of the back down to his back feet. I'm worried my dog's will get it. How would you treat it and is it the same as mange. Chewing my nail off about this. I don't want bald dog's.......

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
    Accepted Answer
    I think that there is flea medicine out there that protects against mites, but I don't remember the name or even if I am remembering right. Besides that, all I can say is, at the first sign of mites, take your dog to the vet to be treated.
  • terri durhamterri durham Posts: 5Member
    Accepted Answer
    If they play together then your dog could get it. The best solution is to get some revolution from your vet. Get two doses and give them two weeks apart. If he has them the revolution will kill them then the second dose will kill the eggs and the newly hatched. It is not the same as mange. Mange is technically an allergy
  • Sandi MahanaSandi Mahana Visalia, CAPosts: 4,011Member
    Accepted Answer
    I think your dog will only get ear mites if they come into contact with your neighbors dog. I know that flea medication such as Frontline keeps the dogs from getting ear mites so make sure to put some on him.
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