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Walks without emotions.

Saurabh GaurSaurabh Gaur Meerut, DelhiPosts: 14Member
I adopted a 1 yr old boxer female 1 week back. She is very weak (you can count her ribs, see her hip bones and back bone). She was being kept inside for past 2 weeks at her foster home to help her gain weight. I keep her inside too, except for 30 - 40 minute walks in the mornings and evenings. I also try to spend some time playing with her in the community dog park making her run around (after the walks). She enjoys it and seems excited. The problem is that within 5 minutes of running around she seems uninterested and tired and wants to get out of the park. I don't push her to contiue. The other thing is with walks. She doesn't seem to enjoy it. Her head is always down while walking and is always slow on the walks. I am happy that she doest pull but I want her to enjoy the walks too. This is my first dog (not my parents'). Please help me understand her. Thank you!

Best Answers

  • Carissa MaleckiCarissa Malecki Posts: 7,383Member
    Accepted Answer
    It sounds like she really needs more time to build her weight up, as well as her strength. She's very weak and has been through a lot, so 1 week isn't enough time to expect her to be straining at the end of her leash or anything. Once she becomes healthier, her stamina will be longer. Keep exercising and playing, but be sure to just keep it rather short (maybe three 10 minute play sessions or walks a day) - this way she won't be overexerting herself but will still be exercising her body to build muscle mass back.
  • Karen VigilKaren Vigil RenoPosts: 1,251Member
    Accepted Answer
    I am a volunteer for a Boxer rescue here in Reno (Boxers and Buddies) and we see many dogs, Boxers and other breeds that are very shy, depressed, weak, anxious and just about any other symptom you can think of and in our training classes it takes weeks for them to show even small signs of improvement. You need to be patient with your girl, praise her when she does new things and ignore her insecurities. It's a good idea to take her out to see new things and if she enjoys the dog park take her but don't push her too much. I believe with time and patience she will show more enjoyment out of your walks and life in general and you'll see the happy dog she is meant to be. Thank You for rescuing.
  • Judy MurdochJudy Murdoch Northern Lower MichiganPosts: 8,717Member
    Accepted Answer
    I was exactly where you are 1 year ago. Lily was a cowering mess when she came out of the shelter. Now she walks for an hour a day, runs beside a bike, begs men for backrubs, talks, leaps around. She is still very quiet in the house, but that is her Greyhound blood. Feed the boxer girl lots of good quality food, increase the exercise slowly - you may be doing to much too soon. Puppy food has more calories and some has DHA added for brain development. She can have puppy food even though she is year old. Lily was 2 1/2 and the Premium Edge online vet made that recommendation for her. Spend time just laying down or sitting with her. Until she is stronger she doesn't need to be moving all the time. She does need to bond with you. Obedience class is good for that. Good luck.
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