Why do i have to pick up my dog when we go walking and we see other dogs.

help me

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    You can do this instead: When you approach another dog and Coco starts barking, turn around and after walking several feet turn back toward the dog. Each time Coco starts barking, use the turn method. It should take a few times for her to get it. Keep doing this method whenever sh barks at things on a walk.
  • Whitney LWhitney L AustinPosts: 674Member
    Accepted Answer
    Don't pick your dog up. It reinforces nothing good.
  • genesis yachnikgenesis yachnik Charlotte Area NC /Reading PAPosts: 5Member
    Accepted Answer
    she probobly needs to be socialized more with other dogs and know that they arent a threat. Go up to the other dog (if their owner is present) and let them greet eachother. The only way to fix the problem is to confront it. Try setting up play days, taking her to petsmart/petco, dog parks, and to see friends and family with dogs. If you think about it, you dont get crazy when you see a human, because you are familiar with them. If you pick them up then they think you are protecting them from something and with that frame of mind, of course they are going to bark and get flustered.
  • Laurie DolanLaurie Dolan MinneapolisPosts: 1Member
    Accepted Answer
    Picking up your dog on a walk reinforces bad behavior. It is also very confusing to the leashed dogs that remain on the ground. In fact, I see more issues with dogs in the hands of their owners than I do if they are on the ground. Suggestion: Put your dog in a sit/stay and show your dog that you have control of the situation until the other dog walks past.
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