How can I control Shandi on walks?

Saskia RottbeckSaskia Rottbeck CairnsPosts: 26,400Member
Shandi tends to get overly excited when she sees another dog on walks and it is very hard to control her. She doesnt listen to a word I say. I mean she just wants to play but I dont trust letting her off the leash after I already lost her before. We did get a head halter which has helped a little but her bad behaviour has not stopped. Every time she sees another dog she pulls, whines and barks. Some days I dread taking her for a walk and I end up getting frustrated. It's embarrassing to be seen with a dog like that. I have tried bringing treats but after a while she's not interested What can I do?

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  • Tiffany MitchellTiffany Mitchell IOWAPosts: 6,792Member
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    Oh Shandi, I feel your pain. Emma and I are going through this as well. We ended up taking a class called Leadership. We are working on it in a variety of ways. ~N.I.L.I.F., and I mean, she works FOR EVERYTHING. Took some getting used to, and I felt pretty bad at first, but it has helped us. ~ when we are on walks, and we come across a dog we. a) stop/sit, then I do some reinforcements , hand touches in rapid succession. IF she is ok and focused on me, we will walk on. b) if she is just to amped, I turn around and walk away/cross the street. Once we get far enough away, we stop/sit and do rapid reinforcements. ~This really helped me. Write down ALL of the food treats Shandi can have. Veggie, dog treats, kibble, cheese, baby food (everything- list should have at least 50 items). Now arrange list into, GOLD, Silver, Bronze. Gold bring out for high distraction events, silver, for so-so, bronze for low distractions. You might check out DAA: Dogsters with Aggresion, great group
  • ariana rariana r Fort Hood/KilleenPosts: 532Member
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    Emma is right about the training. Apollo & I graduated from our puppy training class and all of that training has helped me 100% to control him. I also use a prong collar which helps me to get his attention.
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