i have a masstive will this tool work on her nails since their so thick

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  • Gwen PillerGwen Piller Posts: 2,131Member
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    I think I missed something earlier but I'm assuming you need a tool for clipping your Mastiff's nails. You want the Plier style nail clippers sold in most commercial pet stores. Make sure they are the plier style not the guillotine style (they don't work on the giant breeds) They come in three sizes, toy dog, regular dog, and xlarge dog. Get the Xlarge dog of course. And yes, they actually look like a pair of pliers and they work great on my King Shepherd / Leonberger Mix. And Taser has big nasty nails. Taser.
  • Chris & Brian CrawfordChris & Brian Crawford Posts: 1,879Member
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    I don't know what tool you're talking about, so if you could repost with a link to or picture of the tool, that would be helpful. The absolutely best way to trim a dog's nails, even a big dog's, is using a Dremel tool with a sanding drum attachment and Dremeling them. It is very gentle and you can get the nails much shorter than with nail clippers - without cutting the quick.
  • Brynley RossBrynley Ross RichmondPosts: 240Member
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    Something advertised on TV is the Peticure. It files away thin layers at a time so theres no damage done to your dogs toe nails, sometimes if you clip them they can crack, especially if there thick. I don't believe that they sell them in stores.
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