How big should a seroma get?

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My 6 month old bundle of joy (Chloe) was spayed on Aug 14th. Two days later she began to develop a seroma, it was drained and has come back twice the size it was. I have taken her to the vet and they do not seem to be concerned . They are leaving her external stitches in for a few more extra days. I have not been able to find any pictures to compare other dogs seromas.Chloes is about the size of an orange! Does anyone know how big is too big when dealing with a seroma??

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  • Maia GoldwormMaia Goldworm Sunrise, FLPosts: 19Member
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    Chloe reacted to one of the types of suture used during her spay... while not normal, it is a very common reaction and should not cause too much concern. If the seroma has gotten visibly worse since the draining, I would talk to your vet about oral (or parental, depending on how bad the infection is) antibiotics. Have them do a Culture & Sensitivity, which checks to see what antibiotics Chloe's body will respond to, then medicate appropriatly. ~~Maia, CVT
  • meimei millsmeimei mills Pierrefonds , MontrealPosts: 34Member
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    Seromas can become extensively large. We recently had one of our rescues have a complicated hernia repair and she produced a seroma the size of a bull's testicle ( pardon the description). What is important is that the liquid content is clear, or tinged with blood, or just blood and not contaminated with pus. Also the outside skin containing the seroma shouldn't look firey red nor inflamed. If you are very concerned, it's always a great idea to consult with your vet just to make sure. Sometimes seromas require draining. Not always, but sometimes . Check with your vet.
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