how come my dog like to smell the same pole where he just peed did he forget he peed there?

milly garciamilly garcia Los angelesPosts: 7Member
hes a cairn terrier

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  • Kalie LazarouKalie Lazarou WeatfeildPosts: 12Member
    Accepted Answer
    When a dog pees, It's like you leaving a bussiness card on a table. The Pee contaions information of where they have been, It also can aontain info, like what they have been through today... If they found a female dog they want to breed with... Any thing really. So your dog is sniffing the pole because he left his mark of a memory! Don't worry he didn't forget he peed there. :D
  • Denise GibsonDenise Gibson YumaPosts: 10Member
    Accepted Answer
    I sniff the same place over and over because lots of different dogs have peed there lots of different times and I'm smelling each one individually. It takes me awhile to get the story on each one! It's like a magazine, it may have just one cover but inside are lot's of different articles and pictures!
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