ABs have been put on the "dangerous dog list" in our town --reason behind this is that they look lik

We want to fight this---it doesn't seem fair and will cost owners alot by having to carry $100,000.00 insurance policy on them not to mention we have to muzzle a sweet dog everytime he goes out for no reason. What would you do and how do we fight this?HELP!

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  • dana mcduffydana mcduffy new albanyPosts: 210Member
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    That is sad, i understand how you feel, everywhere i go wtih my dog they ask me how i got such a big pit bull, i get really mad , especially when you try to explain to someone the breed of your dog and they totally ignore you and think that they know it all. i have flat out argued with grown people that an american bulldog is not in any shape or form a pit bull. they hear american and assume with the bulldog that it is a pit. i am sorry , i dont know exactly what you could do to stop this, i wish i could help, just wanted to let you know i get the same pit bull accusations, my ab is the sweetest dog and wouldnt hurt a flea. it would break my heart to have to muzzle him. hope you find a solution to your problem. good luck, keep us updated on the outcome.
  • Brittany DeskinsBrittany Deskins MarionPosts: 110Member
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    Wow. There is no law like that here and I'm thankful. That's beyond horrible :( I'm not sure what you could do, I know a start might be making a petition. Either online (care2.com) or on paper then give it to someone in authority there. I know if everyone in your town against this is willing, you can fight this Just don't give up. P.S. I have no idea why an American Bulldog is on the list either. I have never seen an aggressive one, nor an aggressive pit bull either actually :/ I've heard they can be protective, but aren't a lot of shepherds?? And yet, you don't see them being banned or having any crazy rules.
  • Janet BoucherJanet Boucher WaterburyPosts: 2,054Member
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    This is so unfair. Goes to so you how ignorant some cities are. They have no knowledge that any dog can bite even a bichon frise and do damage but no it is always the pit bull that gets the bad rap. Can you get a petition started with other dog owners? I have signed many that have been on the internet and will continue to do so. BTW you dog is beautiful
  • Jennifer CaldwellJennifer Caldwell Posts: 1,686Member
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    You might try checking your state laws to see if they allow this. In some states it is a state law that municipalities cannot pass breed-specific legislation. You might also see if you can get Gunther into training for the Canine Good Citizen program. It is offered through the AKC but is for all dogs regardless of breed (mixed breeds can participate too). Maybe if he is certified as CGC you can at least get a break on the insurance. If there are more American Bulldogs in your town, maybe you and your neighbors could get them all (or most of them) certified and then try to get the government to repeal the law or amend it for dogs that have passed the CGC test.
  • Tania RieberTania Rieber BangorPosts: 5,447Member
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    I've looked into this a bit and here is what I've found. Nebraska does NOT have state legislation in place to prevent individual cities from passing BSL. You can put your dog through a CGC evaluation and if Gunther passes the muzzle requirements would be dropped, but he would have to wear a vest when out in public. Omaha had meetings regarding this open to the public, didn't they? How many people showed up to oppose? Unfortunately, the ONLY way to fight BSL is for everyone to stand up against it. Not only for their breed or their town, but all breeds in all towns. Many places have tried suing saying it is unconstitutional, however most of these have resulted in another loss for BSL. Please, start a petition in your town, post your mayor and council members email addresses in forums - there are many out there that will write letters, including me. I wish you the best of luck and if there is anything I can do PLEASE pmail me!
  • sharyn benettsharyn benett Posts: 63Member
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    i have an american bulldog 100% johnson and a razors edge pitty and they dont look anything alike-what are these ppl on-if the idiots knew anything they would know the american bulldog is part of the mastiff group which is a gentle giant--pitts are illegal in australia and i am just waiting for our great leader to ban the AB too. good luck with your mission and hopefully you can sort this out.
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    There are up to 75 different breeds affected by breed specific legislation - Akitas, Huskies, German Shepherds, Shar Peis... and most bully breeds. Depending on the ordinance where you live, you will have to either comply with the ordinance, relocate, or re-home your dog outside of the area. Your best bet is to educate and inform those who makes the rules. Go to www.stopbsl.com for information on ways to deal with them.
  • Rachel ChildsRachel Childs DallasPosts: 5Member
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    When I lived in Waco, TX they were talking about passing BSL and then passing a dangerous dog law. I have a dog that by media standards and by the usual 'pit bull' BSL descriptions is a pit bull. I personally typed up a pit bull informational packet and passed them out all around town. My boyfriend even helped me go door to door to help educate the people around us. I printed the info on the Dangerous Dog law and handed them to everyone I knew and people that were around when I had copies, whether or not they had a dog. I was surprised at how many people wasn't aware of it. Needless to say the law never passed, I don't know if I made an impact but I did try. Another way you can fight this is by voting. Vote no. Write your local offices. Protest. Spread education on the topic to people. This may sound extreme, but if you wait too long, it will be to late. Its easier to prevent then to turn around.
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