Can anyone give me any safe pointers on how to stop my male chihuahua from eating his poohp???????

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  • Laurie ChansonLaurie Chanson AnthonyPosts: 4,665Member
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    I really wish I could. I found one of my chihuahuas and he had been abused, was injured, and starving...he eats his poo, the vet told us in his case it was probably a way to survive when he was starving, but he still does it and it is disgusting!!! Wish i could help and hope you get an answer.
  • DAWN SCHAFERDAWN SCHAFER wichitaPosts: 7Member
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    There is pills you can buy at the pet store that makes his poop taste nasty (like it dont already!!) or you can feed him pineapples. This makes his poop unpleasent to him. My mom did this for me and I stopped.
  • jennifer Gutierrezjennifer Gutierrez Posts: 2,165Member
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    I have had to deal with the same thing. I switched her food and she stopped. Not ever again has she done it! Good Luck!!!
  • Laurie CallisLaurie Callis Posts: 507Member
    Accepted Answer
    Sorry you're dealing with this issue, we did for a long time and still do on occasion. Nothing worked for us that the previous people suggested. We tried the different powders and pills to make their pooh extra disgusting and we tried the pineapple, all which failed miserably. The only thing that works 100% is to watch your dog when it's outside 100% of the time and clean up after him EVERY time he goes. One of our dogs has outgrown the urge and the other only does it on occasion and only when we're not looking.
  • Kathleen DonovanKathleen Donovan Posts: 4,178Member
    Accepted Answer
    Add a chunk of pineapple after each meal. Victoria Stillwell says it really works.
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