What is an affenpinscher?

I don't want like websites. I just want like people that have tooken the information and typed the most important stuff out o f it because I will copy and paste it right out of dogster and put it on my website. Thanks for any help! Princess, the lovable chihuahua

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  • Ellen SippelEllen Sippel FairfieldPosts: 547Member
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    It is a toy dog sometimes called a monkey face dog. If you are going to cut and paste why not go to AKC site? Dogster is a website too. That way you get the breed standard.
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    Here are two links to info on Affenpinchers....I gave you these last time you asked but I'll give you them again http://www.akc.org/breeds/affenpinscher/index.cfm http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/affenpinscher.htm These links will give you all the info you need Hope this helps
  • Tena ParkerTena Parker PittsburghPosts: 3,333Member
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    Plagiarism... be careful. Technically speaking, with writing, once it is written by someone it becomes their property and it is not something that can be copy/paste-ed freely without permission. Paraphrasing AND giving credit is a much safer bet to avoid being sued or having some hot-shot tell you to take down your site. Definitely if you cut and paste (and even really if you paraphrase w/ citations) you should get permission first. It's really searchable for online texts to find phrases that are plagiarized so be careful and be respectful to the authors who have put in so much time an effort into their writing.


  • DoocareDoocare Posts: 1Member
    Affenpinscher - a Toy Pinscher Breed of Dog which is also called Monkey Terrier. It's scientific name is Canis lupus familiaris. Most of the times people used to call by its nick names like Affen, Affie etc. This dog has a time period of 12- 14 years. This dog is available in five colors and they are Black, Belge, Grey, Silver, Red.
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