am i classed as a dangerous dog if am a cross staff and pit i look more like a staff

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  • Anna GarrisonAnna Garrison Posts: 11Member
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    it depends on who is classifying the dog. alot of apartment communities and humane societys classify any breed that is "bull" as what i'm guessing you refer to as "a dangerous dog". it doesn't really matter if the dog looks more like a staff than a pit. they both have very similar heads and build. the staff is just more stocky and noticeably shorter in stature than a pit.
  • Chris & Brian CrawfordChris & Brian Crawford Posts: 1,879Member
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    It depends on where you live. Most places that have "dangerous dog" laws that are essentially breed bans rather than actual laws pertaining to real dangerous dogs (dogs that have bitten humans) don't really make a difference between Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers. To them, any "pit bull" TYPE dog, regardless of breed, falls into this category. Now, in many places, "dangerous dogs" are dogs that have actually bitten people and have to be clearly marked as dangerous dogs, regardless of their breed. So you need to see what type of laws are in place where you live and whether "dangerous dog" is used as a classification of specific breeds or as a classification of individual dogs that have actually been deemed dangerous by a court.
  • Ruby MesserRuby Messer Posts: 1Member
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    You may want to call Human Officers in your area. I live in Ohio and any dog that resembles a "Pit Bull" is classified as a "Dangerous Breed" and needs to be confined at all times or under the control of the owner and you must carry $100,000 liability insurance on them. I have seen some Humane Officers even try to classify a boxer as a "Bully Breed".
  • jessica kolbabajessica kolbaba Posts: 1Member
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    Unfortunately ur baby is classed as a "bully breed" whether it is staff or american pit bull terrier. and as with any dog, "meaness" is determined by parent (love and nurture) lots of attention versus attention when it's convenient. alot of rescues try to save an abused pit before other alternatives are put in place....unfortunately other parents have ruined lots of reputations of breeds by having a dog and not a companion.
  • Angel O'connerAngel O'conner YpsilantiPosts: 53Member
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    like others have said it is all about where you live. where you live is key to determining what laws you are up against. i live in michigan our only law is that you have to be over the age of 18 to own a pitbull in detroit. some insurance companies here will not insure you if you have what the company considers a vicious breed.
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