I just had to put my 2 1/2 German Shepherd/Huskey down because of seizures. Did I do the right thin

He was having seizures and was started on Phenobarb. He was up to 140 mg of Phenobarb a day and he was still having at least one seizure per day. He also had personality changes, would pace around, was definitely not himself (he seemed like he did have brain damage) and was just always moving/pacing. Does that sound like it may have been a brain tumor. Did I do the right thing to have him put down. I was afraid that I would come home one day and find him dead after having yet another seizure. He had had up to four seizures in a 24 hour peroid.

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  • Laurie CallisLaurie Callis Posts: 507Member
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    I believe if the dog's illness was affecting his quality of life and you had done everything you could to help him then you most definitely did the right thing by humanely euthanizing him. I have no input on whether the symptoms you describe are from a brain tumor or not.
  • Latavia WilliamsLatavia Williams White PlainsPosts: 1,157Member
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    I think you did the right thing. I wouldn't even want to think about coming home to find your baby dead. It sounds as if you did what was best for your dog. Sounds like he was suffering a little, especially if he wasn't himself and was on medication. Don't be down on yourself. I'm pretty sure he is in heaven looking over you, and thanking you for the love and care that you gave to him. He's in a better place, pain free, living the good life!
  • shaina careyshaina carey south glens fallsPosts: 228Member
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    i know how yoy feel. we had a purebred norwegian elkhound that had epilepsy she lived to be nine.
  • StellaStella Posts: 6,822Member
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    Ouch, that had to be rough. Helping a dog through a seizure is hard enough once in awhile, but 4 in a day would be traumatic for both of you. From what I've read, seizures can trigger a spot in the nervous system that starts making them happen more often. Dahlia has petite mal seizures sometimes, and they were getting more frequent until I took measures for her treatment. Don't beat yourself up. The fact that he was on meds showsyou were trying to help. If his behavior was changing, then so was the quality of his life. Don't second guess yourself for putting him down. As much as we hate to do it, sometimes it's necessary and yes, it hurts. Hang in there.
  • Joshua StifflerJoshua Stiffler Posts: 1Member
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    This past October my wife and I had to rush Gunner to the vets for the second time with vertigo seizure issues. I had to make the horrible decision out of love to have him put to sleep. He would have been 2 this Christmas. They lasted sometimes for hours and have started and have gotten worse within the past 2-3 weeks. Before the seizures he seemed to have a leg injury from playing, which we though was from him and Aries playing out back rolling each other. The seizures started as he looked to be having a back leg issue and then was dragging his leg before the seizure/vertigo problem. I am still very torn and upset about my decision and also wonder if I did the right thing. Three doctors said that it was most likely a tumar or a leision, but would not know for sure without a brain scan. I spent so much on him already and could not afford another 1000 dollar bill. I am torn, but was told that I did the right thing because of what most of these outcomes are typically like. Still wondring
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