My dog gets sick when I take him running

Jordan MichaelisJordan Michaelis San PedroPosts: 7Member
When ever I take my dog running on the coast, he get diarrhea and has to squat like every 5 minutes, and it's usually right when we get next to another person. What should I do? When I take him walking around my block he'll poop but it wont be runny.

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  • Andrea HowellAndrea Howell Hood RiverPosts: 648Member
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    As noted from your other post, if he is people aggressive, perhaps being around lots of people stresses him out to the max and gives him stress diarrhea. Or if he is not very confident, just being in the new environment could be enough to stress him out to give him diarrhea.
  • stacey battilorostacey battiloro NYCPosts: 263Member
    Accepted Answer
    I am a fearful dog. If I am overwhelmed by being in a new place or near too many strangers I will get diarrhea. I do best in quieter areas for our walks. Can you walk/run him in a quieter area until he is more confident? Basic obedience training can help build his confidence too. You should check out the Behavior and Training Forum here on Dogster for more information. Good Luck!
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
    Accepted Answer
    It could be fear, but it could also be that he's getting sick from running too far or too fast. Make sure you run at his pace and don't force him to go too fast or for too long. Also, bring a collapsible water bowl and water for him and make sure he gets access to that every so often. A lot of runners who take their dogs runnning note that they have runny stools or diarrhea while running and that usually indicates they are pushing the dog too hard.
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