my dog eats her own poop

My Redbone hound eats her own poop. How can I stop her?

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  • Ashley FosterAshley Foster Arizona / AlaskaPosts: 863Member
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    The easiest way to stop her is to keep her on a long line or a leash when you take her potty. If she tries to eat her poop after she goes potty, pull firmly on the leash and tell her 'no'. Then praise her for stopping the behavior and coming toward you. The leash will be your best friend for awhile because it will allow you to control what she does outside. Eventually, once she has stopped showing interest in her poop, you can eliminate the leash. Make sure you practice up on the 'come' command so if she does have a slight relapse, you know she will come to you when called. To practice the command, attach the long line or the leash to her. When you ask her to 'come', tell her the command and then pull on the leash (if she doesn't come to you on her own). Praise her lots! Give her treats, rub on her, etc. You want to make the 'come' the most exciting thing. This way, when she is off leash, she will still want to come when called. Also consider what you are feeding her. Sometimes dogs will eat their own poop if they are lacking something in their diet. This will cause them to feel the need to eat it. Others just do the behavior. Make sure you are feeding her a high quality dog food. Solid Gold, Orijen, Canidae, Wellness, Innova, are all quality kibble brands (just to name a few). You may find the raw diet works best because you can actually control exactly what your dog eats. Best of luck with her. Please message me if you have more questions.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    Sometimes if you give dogs bisquits, meat, scraps any and all extras they smell it in poo/thus poos are eaten. If you stick to dog food sometimes that is better. Make sure you have rubber kong or something in house to relieve her need to chew. Hounds are heavy chewers/especially large dogs. I would clean the poo up as soon as she goes. Eliminating her urge to eat it. That is best. If she does it you will probaly continuously have to correct her by surprise. When she goes to eat it, blow an airhorn when she into the moment. That's all I can suggest.
  • Stacie SteeleStacie Steele lakeview/ new orleans/Posts: 36Member
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    the vet i work for recommends sprinkling meat tenderizer (non msg formula) over their food. its tasteless and somehow makes the poop unbearable to eat.
  • Lin ZeeLin Zee WSPosts: 151Member
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    Check w/a vet, or dog nutritionist. I know of a case where a dog who did that was nutrient deficient & stopped the behavior as soon as his diet was changed. Until a deficiency has been ruled out, this should NOT be treated as a behavioral problem. Doing so can lead to greater issues. Get 2-3 opinions. But if U find it is behavioral, & can be there every time she poops, there is something U can do. As soon as she is finished & turns to retrieve it, calmly & quietly, but firmly crowd her w/your whole body, stepping over the poop, standing tall, & coming between her & the poop. Outstretch your arm w/open palm facing your dog, if it helps. Block her access to the poop w/your body & stand firm until she SITS or LAYS in a RELAXED state WITH EARS BACK. When she does this, give her praise & an alternative food source. Try a banana (as I’ve seen done). Perhaps it was the potassium in the banana &/or the like shape & consistency, but this worked in the case I saw. Remove the poop while she eats.
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