There is a bus with 7 girls Each girl has 7 bags. In each bag,there are 7 big cats. Each big cat has

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Give answer in detail

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  • Ellie CarterEllie Carter SeattlePosts: 2,252Member
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    Hmmm... either you are advertising for spaying/neitering your cats OR you are trying to get help with a homework assignment..... The first thing is, Spay and Neuter your pets! If this is for homework.... think about it....... It would not not be helpful for me or anyone here to provide such an answer to you... I can however guide you.... This is a multiple step problem..... they way to solve a multiple step problem is to take it apart....solve part of it and then solve the other part, and put them together.....
  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvillePosts: 1,975Member
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    Truthfully, there is no actual question here. Answer what? What color are the cats? or Where is the bus going? How old are the girls? or How many cats are there? Homework or otherwise. Sounds to me like somebody with too much time on their hands and felt like typing some nonsense....much like myself I guess. Waiting for the pasta to boil. LOL
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham TokyoPosts: 8,724Member
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    Sonny, go do your math homework. As I was going to St Ives I met a man with seven wives And every wife had seven sacks And every sack had seven cats And every cat had seven kits Kits, cats, sacks, wives How many were going to St Ives? Are you satisfied now?
  • Sandi MahanaSandi Mahana Visalia, CAPosts: 4,011Member
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    lol Harvey Okay so since you don't have a catster account I'm assuming either your parents won't let you have one or you don't have any cats and am just hoping for some free homework help. Here's the answer..... GET ALL THOSE CATS SPAYED OR NEAUTERED!!!!!! okay happy now?
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