Microchip or Tattoo?

Okay okay, I know I post like 50 questions on here a day. I swear I'll try to keep it to a minimum today *blush* What are your personal opinions on microchipping or tattooing? Should I do both? Also, we rehomed Jasper from another family who was moving to a cold area and didnt want to have to walk him in the snow (boo on them, but I was more than happy to take my baby from them!) so he had already been neutered, and I've heard that's when youre supposed to have chips and tattoos done. What do I do now?

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  • Jordan RichardsonJordan Richardson KnoxvillePosts: 67Member
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    I would microchip the dog if it was me. Microchiping takes place at a local vet and they just insert a needle in the skin and release the chip near the dogs sholder blades. I don't know about tattoos but if it is like humans it would take a while. I think that a microchip would be just fine. That way the person that finds him(If he were to get lost.) could take him to the local vet and the vet could be able to contact the owner. It doesn't matter what age the dog is chipped. Dogs at my local shelter are chipped no matter how old as long as they are 6 weeks old. Dogs are not under sedation for microchiping. If you go to the following dogster website it might help you. http://www.dogster.com/forums/Dog_Health/thread/500191
  • Heather StanfordHeather Stanford Posts: 1,308Member
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    I would microchip. Like the previous poster said they just put the chip in by the dogs choulder and it doesn't hurt them it is less painful then getting a shot. With a tattoo if the dog ever got injured or somthing like that it would ruion the tattoo. With the microchip your info is stored on the chip and if someone else gets the dog the vets just take there scanner and wave it over the shoulders and the chip info pops up. Also if you give the dog to someone else then the info can be changed threw the company that made the chip. Bandit got his chip once I adopted him from the humane society and then also neutered him. I think they put the chip in when they get nuetered because the dog is already at the vet and it is just convenient. You can take him to the vet and they could check for a chip and if he doesn't have one they can put one in.
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
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    Does Jasper wear a collar with tags at all times? IIf he's secure and cannot tunnel out during the day, then it might be just as effective as microchipping him. Microchipping, while once considered revolutionary for lost and found dog tracking, is proving to be just as effective as making sure your dog has a tagged collar with your phone number. Sadly, there are just SO many people out there who don't know to look for microchips and it is a process which is dependent on the person who finds the dog taking him to the shelter and that shelter having the microchipping readers. Shockingly, a lot of shelters still don't have them. Tattooing is more painful but microchipping is NOT painless and does hurt more than a shot. Dogs can be quite sore after for a day or so and there is concern about some dogs having autoimmune reactions and certain tumors from the chip, which the body can reject like a foreign object. And, you're not asking too many questions! :)
  • Jayj GJayj G BlancoPosts: 1,218Member
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    I think its just a personal opinion. I would feel safer with a tattoo as anybody could read it if my dog got lost whereas a chip can only be read by certain scanners. But if you choose to do a tattoo, maybe go with one on a leg or something instead of an ear. If you put on on the dogs ear, then if he gets stolen someone wants to get rid of the tattoo it would be a bit easier to remove an ear then a leg. As I said, certain chips can only be read by certain scanners, so if your dog gets picked up and scanned, if the scanner doesn't read that type of chip, then its the same as if the dog didn't have one. Best thing is to have a ID tag on the collar, with a chip and tattoo. If you were just going for one, I'd opt for an ID tag and a tattoo on the leg.
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    IF YOU LOVE YOUR PET TATTOO IT. chips are not the answer, as if i find your pet and want to keep it, who will ever know it is there. A vet will not arbitrarily scan a pet one brings in a thiers. If a honest person finds your pet, and trys to find you will they have the right scanner at the shelter or vet to read it, and will the chip migrate.? to many ifs. THE TATTOO IS VISIBLE AND WILL DETER ONE FROM KEEPING IT.For more info go to www.tattoo-a-pet.com, call 1 800 828-8667 for the nearest agent. painless, and only costs $35.00 tattoo and lifetime registration. FOR YOUR PETS SAKE.
  • Sandi MahanaSandi Mahana Visalia, CAPosts: 4,011Member
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    I personally think that Microchips are better. Tattoo's can get blurry and hard to read as time goes on. Also that but Microchips I think are not as painfull for a the dog.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    You can do either/ it is your preference. I would do microchip as it is a database. And also if dog is lost their is phone number and website For tattoo I think they are ok. Usually done in the first few weeks. They are painful. Much more. There is no database. And when done young the tattoo number is put on registration. That is your only proof to proving ownership. That and pictures. So I recommend microchip because it can be less painful inserted into the nap of their neck.
  • Laura JohnsonLaura Johnson Posts: 43Member
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    Its up to you really on what you want. There are several different microchip frequencies that required a specific scanner to read each one. In other words, each microchip could only be read by that company's scanner. So if a shelter or vet doesn't have that scanner with the same frequencie your out of luck. They are starting to get universal scanners out there but not a lot of people have those yet. My vet gave me two different microchips so if one can not be scanned the other possibly can. My Azura went missing for 2 weeks and wasn't even checked for a microchip. I got her back but since then I have been paranoid so i'm getting a tattoo on all my pets. Also labratories do not test on dogs with tattoos. So no one can sell your pet to a lab.
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    Don't know personally, I've heard that there isn't a database for tattoos. They also have to be done under anesthesia.
  • Carolyn DavidsonCarolyn Davidson WashingtonPosts: 990Member
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    Maggie and Katana were both microchipped. Maggie was done when we got her and when I took Katana for his heartworm test and rabies shot the vet chipped him for me. It was a good thing too. I was able to update the info each time I needed to like when we moved or when Katana died. When Maggie died I called them and they were able to change everything for me.
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