Just a fun question. Does your dog like to wear clothes?

Katrina HillKatrina Hill MorgantownPosts: 63Member
Just wondering. Quincy wears a light jacket in the winter and he loves it. Does your dog like clothing? What does your pup like?

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
    Accepted Answer
    I put clothes on my dogs for fun from time to time. They don't like it while it's being put on--though they tolerate it--but once it's on they don't seem to care.
  • Kaila ButlerKaila Butler VancouverPosts: 88Member
    Accepted Answer
    Jasper absolutely HATES it. If we put a shirt or something on him he will. not. move. AT ALL. Not even for treats. He just sits there looking sad. The only time he'll move is if you put a leash on him and drag him outside, then he'll temporarily forget, but the second he gets back inside he wont move again BOL!
  • Susan yearightSusan yearight Posts: 368Member
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    he loves his big fur coat.
  • Amy SchmittAmy Schmitt North Tonawanda, NY (Buffalo)Posts: 131Member
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    Max hates it. He acts like Jasper. We got a sweatervest for him as a present when he was smaller, so i felt obliged to put it on him. Never again.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    No, my boston hates clothes, but he gets so cold in the winter. they mostly itch but when he does keep them on he feels better. And I have a hard time finding ones to fit him.
  • karen covekaren cove TorontoPosts: 48Member
    Accepted Answer
    No... Charlie does NOT like wearing clothes. She tolerates wearing her jacket(s) when she has to go for a walk in below freezing weather. Her Chillydog jacket is the one she tolerates best. Booties are a no go. A neighbour's child often brings over jewlery collars that she has made and Charlie will have none of it.
  • Jennifer CaldwellJennifer Caldwell Posts: 1,686Member
    Accepted Answer
    Zack likes to wear clothes, for the most part. He likes to wear jackets, shirts, bandanas, etc., but he does not like hats or anything that goes on his head. I think he likes it because people pay more attention to him. Bianca likes to wear clothes IF a child puts them on her. If an adult dresses her, she immediately tries to take it off. Five minutes later, a child can put the exact same thing on her, and she loves it. Bianca can usually only wear things that cannot get to her mouth, because if she can reach it, she will chew it.
  • AJ MorkAJ Mork From Minnesota, but living inPosts: 34Member
    Accepted Answer
    Oh my gosh. She loves it! Collars, bandanas, towels, she'll wear anything. I want to get her a backpack. We don't really have anything for her now, but she prances around when you put anything on her. I'd love to get her a cute jacket, but since we let her hair grow long in the winter, I'm afraid she'd overheat, so we don't dress her. I'm definitely going to get her a backpack though! She can carry her own toys to the beach! I know she'll love it. She prances around all proud whenever she wears anything.
  • Susan Clancy  ServentiSusan Clancy Serventi ConcordPosts: 819Member
    Accepted Answer
    I love to look pretty! My mom has found a great place to buy t-shirts for me for next to nothing! Target stores sell baby T-shirts in their dollar bins, and have different designs for practically every holiday. Mom likes to put them on me when we're going "off-road" to keep a lot of the mud off my chest and tummy. I wear them backwards so the design shows on my back, and the mud stains don't show, as they're covering my tummy. (The mud doesn't wash out too well, and you can't bleach the pastel colored shirts, anyway...) During the winter I wore them under my jackets as an extra layer of warmth and softness. When Mom is putting on one of my t-shirts, I know a long walk is not far behind!
  • courtney-jade howlettcourtney-jade howlett Posts: 9Member
    Accepted Answer
    yes, well I don't know if they enjoy it but they don't mind wearing them lol . My oldest dog has been wearing clothes since she was a pup so now that she's 3 1/2 she thinks of it as nothing when I put her in clothes. I put some clothes on my 3 month old puppy the other day and she didn't mind one bit, just kept going like nothing even happened . I love buying them cute clothes to dress them in :)
  • Edith PorterEdith Porter Posts: 1Member
    Accepted Answer
    Yes. My two German Shepherds enjoy being in "style" wearing doggie bandana scarves that fit over the collar. I make them. They like to watch me sew to make their over the collar bandana scarves. I make the over the collar bandana scarves in small, medium and large, and extra large. They're really fun to make. I make them for friends and relatives for Christmas. Hope to be able to sell them locally. I also got cat print material and made some small cat over the collar bandanas.
  • thomas hustenthomas husten Posts: 2Member
    Accepted Answer
    My dog is just simple and healthy he like to wear only shoes and jacket. http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/preventive-care http://pets.tandurust.com/healthy-dog/dog-vulva-irritation.html
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