do bassat hound females have longer legs than males?

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i wondered if females were stood higher off the ground then males.

Best Answers

  • Heather StanfordHeather Stanford Posts: 1,308Member
    Accepted Answer
    Males are bigger then females.
  • Jayj GJayj G BlancoPosts: 1,218Member
    Accepted Answer
    Males are typically bigger then females in general, but, the field bred Bassets tend to be more energetic and leggier then the stockier less energetic show bred Basset.
  • Melanie ElmoreMelanie Elmore TupeloPosts: 6,455Member
    Accepted Answer
    No... males are usually about an inch taller than females, although it is really not legs that are longer... but rather the depth of the chest and body that makes them a hair taller. Basset Hounds should never have "long" legs.
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