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shaina careyshaina carey south glens fallsPosts: 228Member
how did you come up with the name of your dog? shiloh got his name because when we were thinking of getting a dog we were thinking of the names to call him/her. my sister came out reading the book shiloh. so it stuck.

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  • Maggie-Lee HuckMaggie-Lee Huck ChristchurchPosts: 1,128Member
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    I always find that when I try to think of the 'right' name, I come up empty. I just wait a few days and then magically, the dog lets me know. The perfect name just pops in my head. Mum of JessAnneMarieLouise and CharliePete.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    Two of mine were already named. But my boston I think my daughter came up with it. Sometimes children come up with some cute ones. There is some sites that have dog names. I think I saw a book. Or sometimes you can use those baby name books they have some really neat names in there. I had a dog named Sam and then his son, I named him Squeeky. Alot of people liked that name. Then we had a dog named Cookie. I guess sometimes they just fit. I seen a movie and I was pregnant and that's how I came up with my daughter's name, but that year other people must of seen the movie.LOL Her name was Tessa in the movie, she was the daughter of a boatman. And the girl was so adorable looking. It was a old time movie.
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
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    It was easy for me. For months I was trying to convince hubby we needed another dog after our beloved dog Bear passed away. He would never admit it, but his heart was broken. I was always.."we should get a dog, I want a dog know a d.o.g..come on you want a dog, can we get a dog. I knew I would get on his nerves sssooo much he'd give in sooner or later. I guess I spelled d.o.g out enough the name stuck. I would even spell it in the mirror and when he stepped out of the shower, he would see DOG.
  • StellaStella Posts: 6,822Member
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    My dog's former name was Squeaker (the excited noise she makes....), but didn't care for it. She became Dahlia like the Black Dahlia of book & movie fame, because she was a victim of abuse in her past life. (however, I'd forgotten the original Dahlia was killed & dismembered......eek.) But she survived, and we love her & her name!
  • Jayj GJayj G BlancoPosts: 1,218Member
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    Zack got his name from the Apple computers (macintosh), I like Macs and thought Macintosh was a cool name as was Mac, then I thought of Zackintosh and thought it was cool and unique. But when I saw him he just looked like a Zack to me. Puzzle got her name from her markings, I was 7 I think when I got her, she had a puzzle piece shaped marking on her back. Lizzie got her name partly from my friend. My friend went with us to get Lizzie, since Liz was sick the person we got her from said to treat her like a queen, my friend was naming off names, she said Elizabeth, I liked it and remembered the queen thing so it became Queen Elizabeth, Lizzie for short. BTW, I love the book Shiloh, great name too!
  • Lindsay WalkerLindsay Walker Posts: 27,783Member
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    This is such a fun question!! Before we picked up Mini we had a name picked out (Lulu actually), but once we saw her it just didnt fit. So the whole car ride home we debated as she slept in my lap; Lucy, Lulu, Baby, Honey, Molly, Sugar..... on and on and on. None were just right for our new puppy. Family called us that night to give us their ideas and still nothing right. All night we continually told people she was a "Miniature" Daschund.. and then it just poped into place; she was "Mini". The perfect name for our perfect girl!
  • Christina AbbottChristina Abbott BradfordPosts: 330Member
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    With Nadia, after a few hours of having her the name popped into my head and stuck. I started calling her a few names that I had thought of before, but she would do the "what are you doing?" look everytime I said Nadia, she got to choose her own basically. With Valentine, she was a Valentine's Day gift. She was also the sweetest little thing so her name was a given. She would lick the babies toes and make him giggle, she played nicely with my daughter and all she would do is lick my hands, face and arms. She's a lover....
  • Maxine SmithMaxine Smith Posts: 34Member
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    with duke i was looking for a name that meant something in a different language and settled on kana (khan A} which was Hawaiian for male sweetheart but my family said they wouldnt call him that so we decided on duke because we already had daisy.with daisy she was named after the flower because she was so cute and sweet.Billie already had her name when we got her but her full show name is Laddies Wilomenia Roberta so her name is billie
  • Catherine PippinCatherine Pippin roanokePosts: 406Member
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    Jumpin Jack Flash picked his name. Jack. Ginger Smiles Primm, she smiles and her last name is her breeders last name. We name all our pets people names. We have a cat named Billy cause I had a friend and if she didnt know someones name she always called him Billy. We had the kitten for a while and couldnt think of a name so No Name became Billy. We are Irish so we try to use Irish names.
  • Viv EalesViv Eales Posts: 2Member
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    Phoebe is our first female dog. When I met my husband, he had been in the royal navy, and the first ship he had been on ws called HMS Phoebe. I loved the name, and said that when the time came and we got a female, I wanted to call her Phoebe. We got our wish, and she is definately a godess, pheobe means godess of the moon. Our two previous dogs were both male GSD's. One was called Jester, as he was a real joker. The other, taken at 7 months from a lady thst couldn't handle him, was originally called Napoloean. As I said, my husband ws in the royal navy, so Napoleon was not a good choice, so we changed it to Nelson, much more fitting I think!
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