how do we stop our 3 year old chesapeake retriever from chewing sticks on our walks (off leash)? She

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  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    Until you can control her behavior I would leash her. You can teach her with the stick the leave it command. Place dog in down position on floor of home, place stick in front of her, when she goes for it, use a blunt noise, kind of high pitch, like you would a kid ready to snatch a cookie. Then when she hesitates and looks at you. Feed her some real goodies like shaved deli meat or such. Repeat this as many times as it takes. Do it everday if needed. Then after each session let her know it is over by second command, like OK. Then give her a toy she can chew like a black kong. Then put the stick on top of the refrigerator til the next session. Should work.
  • Marie PeppersMarie Peppers the valleyPosts: 1,164Member
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    Wow, chesapeake retrievers a beautiful... I would put a gentle leader on this kid... They are called Haultis.. Haulti is a brand name...Go to the pet store and ask them to help fit her to one. You can also go here to the Retreiver Experts...
  • Lewis DowsettLewis Dowsett Posts: 1Member
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    If you go to the vet and ask them do they do a special dog whistle they may say yes if they do when u take your dog for a walk u can blow the whistle and he/she will come back to u. This really does work but will take quite a lot of training
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