How often should I walk my bichon frise?

FornavnEtternavnFornavnEtternavn Drammen, GulskogenPosts: 12Member
I'm planning on getting one and this could be useful (:

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  • Michelle MayoMichelle Mayo New LiakeardPosts: 276Member
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    All dogs need exercise. It is their primal instinct to walk. even if you have a small dog in an apartment. they still need to be taken out for walks. Is the dog an adult or puppy? If it is a puppy I would start with atleast twice a day, 15-20 minutes each time. If you are noticing that he/she still has alot of energy, then extend the walk. For an adult, I would go again with atleast twice a day, this time for half hour each time. Extend if you see that they are really enjoying it or are still very energetic. When i was younger, my family has a little 6 pound mixed breed that we would take on a 45 minute walk 3 times a day and she loved it!
  • alicia villasenoralicia villasenor Posts: 561Member
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    I don't think my first answer went through: This breed needs moderate excersise. They aren't very active but at the same time they aren't lazy either. I would say once a day walk should be fine.
  • Ariana BerkemeierAriana Berkemeier Lake ArrowheadPosts: 26Member
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    The first answer was right. You should walk your Bichon Frise at least twice a day. Walking and exserise is a key for dogs. I should know, I have a Siberian Husky, not only do you have to walk him twice a day, you have to run him a lot. The more you walk him, the less chance he or she will run away. Remeber, when you want to get a dog, you need to do your research, and if you want to be a responsible dog owner, you need to take proper care of your dog. If you have a family, you could make a chart stating when a family member should take him for a potty or walk and feeding. For example: Monday: Mom 7:30 am take the dog pee. 7:45 feed the dog. 8:45 take for walk. And the next day it is someone else doing the stuff. This will help! Kosmo and Ariana
  • Elissa BroniarczykElissa Broniarczyk Posts: 501Member
    Accepted Answer
    The first responder really got it. (paws to them) I just wanted to supplement their response. I have a 2 pound pom pup, and I walk her when the weather permits. You can take a decent length walk.. however, pay attention to your puppy. If they start resisting, or laying down they are telling you "HEY!, I'm tired and little.. I need a break!" So let them rest a while, and continue. I started with short distance (around the block) Then built up to 2 blocks.. Then the neighborhood. We are just getting to the walking path. She loves it.
  • Kaila ButlerKaila Butler VancouverPosts: 88Member
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    At least once a day for sure, but the other people are right in saying more walks are better for the dog and will also keep bad behaviour to a minimum because they will be tired.
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