how much does it cost to have a bichon frise every month?

FornavnEtternavnFornavnEtternavn Drammen, GulskogenPosts: 12Member
Thinking of getting one (:

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    Here's an article I dug up for you that discusses the topic of the cost of caring for a dog: I agree with this article on everything but following the vet's advice on what to feed. Someone else has said before on here, and I agree with them, that asking a general practioner vet for complete advice on canine nutrition is like asking a general practioner doctor for complete advice on human nutrition. See for ratings on dog food. Also, if you decide to get a dog, you will need to do a lot of research first. First, research the care involved in getting a dog in detail. Then, research what breed would be best for you. Then, research the best places to get a dog. Basically, good places are: -Reputable breeder (see my site, for what to look for in a breeder) -Shelter -Rescue group Bad places include: -Puppy mills (see -BYBs (back-yard breeders, "breeders" who breed for money and generally do not health test, usually out of ignorance) -Pet stores (only puppy mills and BYBs sell to pet stores, good breeders find the dog a home themselves so that they can screen homes carefully)
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    well as a bichon owner i would say it differers on the dog as far as what type of food you will give him and if he has any health issues and then you may need to feed them a special dog food. then there is the grooming. bichons are high maintence thay need to be brush and comb once a week and then groomed professialy every 8 to 9 weeks. bichons get dirty easly due to them haveing a white coat so thay will need to be bathe and groomed just about once a month. as far as the food goes it depends on the brand of food it can very from 35.oo dollars to 45.00 dollors it just depends on brand of food. not the over the counter food witch it the worst. if you are gonna get a bichon as a pup then it will need to eat every two hours as the pup grows eating will be less. as an adult you can buy a 15 pound bag of dry kibble and it will last you a long time. buy a 6 pound bag of dry kibbble it will maybe last you about a month. then there are the puppy shots for the first year and getting spaye
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