Help for destructive chewing!!!

Cindy carrierCindy carrier Posts: 2Member
I swear my dog can tell time! He knows justhow long I am supposed to be gone from work and when I will return home. If I am gone past that time or have to leave at anodd time - when I come home he has chewed my couch cushions!! He has chew toys out - rawhides - food & water available! What can I do to keep him from destroying my furniture???

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  • Richard AtchesonRichard Atcheson Northern USAPosts: 3,570Member
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    Year ago we had friends with a dog like that. What I would suggest now is a crate. Other dogs may not be as bad as the young Labs I am plagued with. Still your house and dog will be much safer with the dog in a crate when you are away. The dog may be happier in its den than loose in the house. It relaxes, it feels safe in its den. It rests, the body slows down reducing the need for water and relieving its self. Dogs that have been crated all along do very well. Many of them will rest in their crates even when the door is open. I think the plastic ones give the dog more of a safe, enclosed den feeling. They are harder for dogs to open too. Metal ones can be put in a corner or covered with something the dog can't pull in and chew. Select a crate just big enough for the full grown dog to stretch out in. Leave it some toys. Perhaps a Kong filled with peanut butter. Don't leave anything in the crate the dog might chew up. It will do fine without even any bedding. Doggy day care?
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
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    Using a crate would keep him completely out of trouble but some people, such as myself, have used other methods. Baby gates, love them, used them often when Deogie was a puppy. I still use them at times, especially when my Grandmother visits. My Grandmother is defiately old school, dogs belong outside. I love my Grandmother but I refuse to keep my dog outside so we just keep him out of the livingroom while she visits. Giving him complete run of the house is a big mistake, obviously you know this every time you look at your couch. You could try keeping him in the kitchen while your out. Make sure everything is picked up and leave his toys on the floor. FYI, get rid of the rawhide, so bad for your dog, give him kongs instead. Have a good one.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    buy a crate large enough for him. You don't say how old he is? But, I had a 90lb chewer like that, the best thing is a crate if you can't watch him. Ours would chew if we even was in the shower, so she went to the cage for any amount of time. You can bet he will be safe in the crate and so will the house.
  • kelley wyskielkelley wyskiel moorePosts: 68Member
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    hmm. wear him out before you leave? my dogs were bad chewers..bad chewers... we walk in the morning.then eat. then go out.then i leave without saying anything to them so they wont get excited again. he needs to like somethings better than the put away all of the extra toys and leave one or two things that work. and no..dont leave the food out all bueno. we got a heavy rope from home depot. cut it a couple of feet and tied knots in it. and a kong filled with treats.. I even did music therapy for a while ( mozart violin a low volume) we got through it. i never needed to crate my dogs. honestly..the time of change was when we discovered the dog park. i started taking the dogs once or twice a week(its drive away) and magic..calmer puppys..i have no idea why, its just something i noticed in my dogs.
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