How do I potty train my Lhasapoo Puppy?

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  • Elissa BroniarczykElissa Broniarczyk Posts: 501Member
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    The same way you would potty train any other puppy. It depends on the method you are using (potty inside, or out) Outside goes by natures urge and you will need to watch for signs they may have to go such as sniffing, circling, etc. It requires your dog to be by you at all times when loose, or in a kennel. (for a while anyway, till it gets better control and "earns" freedom) Do not expect your pup to be trained asap. Accidents happen. Make sure to get an enzymatic cleaner for urine or your dog will think its a potty spot. If you want to potty inside you can use an exercise pen or the crate method. Which basically the pup will not want to soil its bed and will go potty in its "area". Which ever you chose stick with it.. and be consistant. PRAISE when they go where you want!
  • Richard AtchesonRichard Atcheson Northern USAPosts: 3,570Member
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    Done right, housebreaking goes well. Please read what I have posted at
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