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Dap123Dap123 Quezon CityPosts: 763Member
WARNING! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE AN AFGHAN HOUND!!! (I'm not trying to be mean, but I just wanna know) Anyway, here's my question: Is an afghan hound really smart or just the opposite? Well, allot of the books I read say that this breed is isn't really knowledgeable. But based on what's found on the internet, the afghan hound is a prettyIs an intelligent animal... So, now I'm really confused.... Is an afghan hound really smart or just the opposite? P.S. this question is not to offend any dog that is an afghan hound.

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  • Jayj GJayj G BlancoPosts: 1,218Member
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    I am not too sure with Afghans, but it might be similar to Irish Setters. Irish Setters used to be a great smart hunting dog and now they have been bred almost exclusively for looks, not much attention is paid to intelligence. I might *guess* that Afghans are the same, but really, any individual dog coming from any breed (whether reputed to be intelligent or not) has the capacity to be incredibly smart, exactly the opposite or just your average.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    Each breed contains intelligent members and stupid members, and each breed is smart in it's own way. Border Collies are only considered the smartest breed because they learn the fastest and most reliably according to some tests, but you can have a stubborn dog that is unwilling to learn and yet is extremely intelligent. I don't know much about Afgans in particular, but I know enough to know that some are smart, some are not.
  • tiff anytiff any Posts: 260Member
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    Well I think it depends more on the idividual dog and what you want that dog to do. Even though they are known as the least smartest breed...Some say they might be the most independant... Here's an interesting thing that I seen with them, at an agility show, two Afgans were entered, one did horrible one did good.
  • Kathy YataKathy Yata Posts: 10,342Member
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    Humans define smart as they see fit. We generally want a dog that learns to come, that stays off the furniture, won't chase our other pets, doesn't steal food from the counters, doesn't pee in the house, is glad to see us when we come home, listens to the tone of our voice, all that stuff. If you somehow trained the dog using its natural inclinations then one could certainly learn how to sitstaycomedownheel. Afghans weren't developed to listen to human voice or pay attention to force based training methods. So humans tend to think they are dumb.
  • Tod KnudsenTod Knudsen MovillePosts: 3,793Member
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    An afghan is a sight hound. It is not one of those dogs that is goingto be like a lad and do all kind of tricks. Sight hounds can be very independent and are sometimes compared to cats in how they behave. Yes they can be trained but you just have to understand just the nature of the breed and what they were used for in the past.
  • Jennifer McLatcherJennifer McLatcher Posts: 32Member
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    An Afghan Hound is smart enough to get you to work for it and not the other way around. They're also smart enough to find the best places to sit and claim them before you gt a chance to. It's not unsual to go to an owners home and fine them sitting on the floor or foot stools while th dogs are spralled out on the couch. They're also smart enough to help themselves and eat all the food you thought was put out of their way. Brains are all in the eye of the beholder. If you want a dog that does what you ask, then an Afgha isn't for you. But if you want a dog that's capable of thinking for itself without any instruction then an Afghan fits the bill.
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